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                    C A P I T A L    P U N I S H M E N T

B  e  w  a  r  e . . .P  u  n  i  s  h  m  e  n  t   i s   c  o  m  i  n  g

           Capital Punishment is the highest rated game of 1996!

Amiga Computing  - "One of the best games ever"

Amiga Format     - "There's only one word for the graphics - superb!"

Amiga Action     - "Capital Punishment is one of the finest games on Amiga"

Amiga Games, Ger - "The best Amiga fighting game ever!"

Amiga Joker, Ger - "Clean technical Knock-Out!"

Amazing Computing- "You will be proud to call your Amiga a game machine"

                 Amiga Format Gold    CU Amiga Superstar
                 Amiga Games Award    Amiga Joker Mega Hit

                    "Amiga - back with the Punishment!"

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