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                       Review: TEAC High Density FDD

Two years ago during the computer show here in cologne, the original Chinon
drives were dumped out for a price lower than 100DM ($66 I guess) but I
didn't buy one.  A few weeks later I heard that Chinon kicked these drives
out of their product family.  That's life...

Time goes by and I reached a point where a HD-drive became very important
for me (PC-Task, Shapeshifter).  But there are no drives on the market.

This spring I saw an advertisment of the German firm "Amtrade".  They
offered the drive I was searching for.  One day later I ordered an internal
one for my A2000 (running in a PC-Bigtower).  It took about four weeks for

This drive is a TEAC one with a little hardware plugged on the floppy
connector.  The whole magic does a PAL and a little modification on the
floppy-board.  The way of connection is like the normal drives.

After inserting and connecting the drive, I started my test.  This software
works fine with the drive:

- PC-Task
- Shapeshifter
- CrossDos
- CrossMac
- SuperDuper

From my point of view this drive is 99.99% compatible with all system
friendly programms.

The internal A1200-version includes the floppy-fix for the newer
A1200-models.  External drives are availiable too.  I don't know if there
is a version for the A3000 (it seems to be question of the right

Amtrade Computersysteme
Wilhelmstrasse 25
72555 Metzingen

Tel. 49 7123 960810
FAX  49 7123 960855