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   0.4 (Pre-Release)


   Helmut Hoffmann
   Rubensstrasse 4
   41063 Moenchengladbach



   A picture management software for all Amigas (and Draco) feat.
   TrueColor support (thumbnails and picture windows) under
   CyberGraphX or reduced color output on AGA Amigas.

   This program supports many picture formats, allows combinable
   subtitles under thumbnails, can open multiple picture windows
   (incl. scrolling and zooming functions) etc.

   If you have a suitable graphic board with CyberGraphX WB
   emulation installed you can watch the pictures and thumbnails in full
   color quality (HiColor/TrueColor) on your Workbench or a
   private screen. Without CyberGraphX the normal color restrictions
   (2 to 256 colors) will lead to a reduced quality.

   Additional features include conversion to some 24Bit formats
   (incl. JPeg, IFF-ILBM24, Targa), picture deletion etc.

   Internally supported formats for loading:

   1) IFF-ILBM (1 to 24Bit incl. HAM6/HAM8)
   2) PhotoCD (Base format 768x512 or 512x768 (portrait))
   3) JPeg (color and greyscale)
   4) PPM/PGM/PBM (P1&P4 b&w, P5 grey, P6 color)
   5) QRT (also known as dump format by PD raytracers as POV-Ray)
   6) Targa
   7) PCX
   8) BMP
   9) TIF (packbit-compr./uncompr.)
   10) DEEP
   11) YUV
   12) VLAB raw
   13) RGB
   14) HHsYUVSq sequence format
   15) IFF-PBM (DPII)
   16) ACBM
   17) FBM
   18) Sun raster (uncompressed)
   19) MacPaint (b&w compressed 1Bit format; datafork only)
   20) HHsXRL formats
   21) binary-EPS bitmaps (RGB and CMYK)
   22) TBCPlus frames/fields

   The additional DataType support extends this list by many
   formats; DataTypes can e.g. be found on Aminet in util/DType.
   The DataType support is very fast, so that you can also view
   pictures in GIF or other formats quite fast for which Datatypes exist.


   OS3.0 or higher required
   4MBytes FastRAM at least recommended

   Optional for TrueColor/HighColor viewing:
     cybergraphics.library V40 or higher and a suitable graphic board or Draco.
     The CyberGraphX emulation is compatible with many graphic boards
     (e.g. CyberVision, Piccolo, SD64, Spectrum, Picasso2, Retina-Z3,
           Domino and Draco/Altais)


   Any Aminet site


   Shareware fee:

       Introduction offer (upto 30th June 1996!):

             PhotoAlbum: 30DM or 22US$

       Standard price (from 1st July 1996):

             PhotoAlbum: 40DM or 30US$

       Package offer:

             PhotoAlbum + CyberShow Prof.: 50DM or 35US$

   Together with PhotoAlbum you can order fast universal modules for
   several image processing/painting programs at the special add-on
   price of 10DM or 7US$ each; currently available: FastIFXModules (ImageFX),
   UniversalGIOModule (Photogenics) and UniversalXiPaintModule (XiPaint);
   all thoose modules include fast loading in many file formats and (new)
   TrueColor animation creation for CyberGraphX.


   Copyright by Helmut Hoffmann 1996

   Limited demo version is freely distributable; registered users
   will receive a keyfile which enables all features.


   The freely distributable version has some restrictions (e.g.
   all pictures will only be displayed in greyscales) which
   disappear after you pay the shareware fee and receive a special
   personal keyfile (together with the latest version). Once registered, you
   can use new freely distributable versions as update with your keyfile.