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ANNOUNCE: Release of DrawStudio illustration package information
FROM: Graham Dean and Andy Dean
DATE: 7 August 1996

Graham and Andy Dean are proud to announce the imminent release of
"DrawStudio" - their new drawing, illustration and presentation program for
the Amiga.  The program contains many professional features which are not
found in any other Amiga programs and are usually associated with high
priced packages on other platforms. 

Working from a clear and standard Amiga interface, DrawStudio contains all
the tools required to create illustrations on the Amiga, whether they be
for technical diagrams or for artistic presentation material.  The ability
to convert objects to bitmaps makes DrawStudio an ideal tool for creating
graphics for World Wide Web pages or for use with other Amiga programs.

For a full list of features, please visit our WWW pages given at the top of
this announcement, however the following are a small list of the features

o Full 24bit colour support.
o ARexx interface.
o Multiple projects, pages and layers.
o Powerful gradient fills.
o Transparency, including gradient transparencies.
o Bitmap and pattern fills.
o An object's pen and fill may be filled independently.
o Skew, perspective, wave, wedge, bulge, and freeform
  object and text warping.
o Powerful object snapping, including snapping to grid and
  other objects.
o Bezier curve editing, including cutting, joining, adding and
  deleting points.

A firm release date is not given as we are currently in discussions with
distributors, however we hope that the Web pages will give a good taster of
the program's abilities.