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Bograts Preview
Vulcan Software

Vulcan Software, respected publishers of well-known Amiga titles such as
TimeKeepers and the infamous Valhalla series, have announced another title
in their mid-price "Mini Series" range.

"Bograts - The Puzzling Misadventure" is a side-viewer platform puzzler,
very much in the Vulcan software style of cute graphics and brow-furrowing
action.  In each of the 60 levels, your role as Mummy/Daddy Bograt is to
guide your two baby Bogs through each level without getting them - or
yourself - burnt, eaten, squashed or otherwise mangled.  Although the main
emphasis is on the problem-solving, platform elements such as Sonic-style
springs and shovers appear.

Bograts is shaping up into an very promising and addictive brain-teaser. 
The full game is due to be released on September 1st 1996; look out for the
full review in Amiga Report soon.


Vulcan will soon have their own WWW pages. Keep trying ....

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