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Directory Opus 5.5 is now available! 

GPSoftware demonstrates its continuing support for the Amiga with the
release of the new version the Amiga world's most popular directory and
file management utility.  After more than 12 months of extra development,
Directory Opus 5.5 is more of a new version than just a simple update and
contains many changes and enhancements over the original product.

After receiving many comments and useful suggestions from Opus users,
almost every facet of the new program has been examined and subjected to
user scrutiny, backed up by extensive field testing from very persistent
Beta testers.  This release extends the original Opus 5 concepts and
provides many significant improvements in both operational power and
usability.  From the feedback we have received so far we are confident that
you will enjoy this new product more than ever! 

Take a look at the following enhancements to see why an upgrade is a must!

  . A new Icon Action Mode gives all the power of name mode Listers but
  with icons. 

  . Button banks and Listers need no longer be activated first in order to
  see right and middle mouse button clicks. 

  . WorkBench Replacement Mode has been enhanced.  Use Opus 5.5 with
  complete confidence to replace the standard Workbench.

  . An integrated OpusFTP capability lets you access remote Internet sites
  directly from standard Opus Listers.

  . Button banks can now be borderless with a sleek minimal dragbar
  instead of a full window border.

  . New Filetype-specific pop-up menus allow special menus for icons and
  files.  Use Filetypes to add custom menus for different types of files
  and icons. 

  . Custom buttons have a pop-up menu giving access to an extended
  selection of commands.

  . New independent HotKeys are now supported.

  . New Scripts system allows functions to be executed upon most system

  . Custom menus have been improved with multiple user menus with sub

  . New Automatic Filetype Creator allows you to create and test Filetypes
  with ease.

  . A font viewer is now included.  Just double-click on a font to view

  . Listers now have field titles, single-click re-sorting by fields, plus
  a new version field which reads the internal version information from
  each file.

  . New colour remapping of button and icon images with support for 'Magic
  Workbench' and similar systems.

  . Cybergraphics RTG now supported.

  . You can now selectively hide unwanted drive icons from the Opus main

  . Enhanced clipboard support provides full cut, copy and paste in
  gadgets and file Listers. 

  . Listers are no longer blocked while busy - you can now resize,
  iconify, and scroll busy Listers.

  . Icon and Lister snapshots are now stored separately from Workbench.

  . Listers can now display a background picture or pattern.

  . A new internal Opus CLI allows you quickly test commands and Arexx

  . Several new internal commands and many new ARexx commands have been
  added or extended with new features.  You can now even add you own
  internal commands with ARexx.

For more details see our WWW page at

Special Upgrade Offer for Registered Users!

Opus users who have registered direct with GPSoftware should look out for a
special upgrade offer in your letter box over the next couple of weeks.
Those registered with a local distributor should contact the distributors
below for upgrade pricing and details.

Pricing and Distributors

Opus 5.5 Recomended price is A$129.00, US$99, UK 59.99, DM139.00

Upgrade price for existing users is A$65.00 plus A$10.00 package and air
mail postage.

Contact your local distributor or GPSoftware for further details.

GPSoftware Distributors World-Wide

UK                    Germany             USA                 
Wizard Developments   Schatztruhe         Micro R&D           
PO Box 490            Veronikastr 33      721 'O' Street      
Dartford, Kent        45131 Essen         Loup City, NE 68853 
England  DA1 2UH      Germany             USA                 
Ph +44 1322 527800    Ph +49 201 788778   Ph +1 308 745 1243  
Fax +44 1322 527810    Fax +49 201 798447   Fax +1 308 745 1246  

Small-Biz Software
PO Box 24
Golden Beach, Qld
Australia 4551
Ph +61 (74) 919190
Fax +61 (74) 926860

Dr Greg Perry, GPSoftware, Brisbane. August 1st 1996

PO Box 570, Ashgrove, Birsbane, Australia 4060
Phone/Fax +61 7 33661402