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Dear Amiga Dealer/Developer:

Would you like to find a way for your Amiga products to get more expo-
sure? Would you like thousands of devoted Amiga users to know what you 
produce and how your products can be found?  If so, then let me introduce
you to The Informer, a newsletter that caters directly to the Amiga com-

As you know, the best way to serve the Amiga platform and ensure its
growth is to provide information directly to the user. Through The Informer
Newsletter we can offer you the opportunity to do just that.

What Is The Informer?
The Informer Newsletter (ISSN 1089-4616) is a concise encapsulated re-
source of Amiga information and contacts which helps readers stay con-
nected with new Amiga developments, products and the latest news. The 
Informer provides readers with Email addresses, BBS listings, Web Page 
URL's, phone and FAX numbers and other means for readers to communi-
cating with dealers, developers and Amiga services. The Informer's staff 
are all committed and passionate Amiga users, and are proud to produce 
the entire newsletter using only Amiga computers. 

Who Reads The Informer?
Currently there are over 3000 printed copies of The Informer distributed
bimonthly. Each issue is distributed to our growing subscriber base, which
includes over 125 users groups, and through many various dealers, includ-
ing: Anti Gravity, Safe Harbor, Zipperware, IAM, Legendary Designs, Won-
der and others. These dealers enclose issues of The Informer with all their
Amiga orders. We provide free copies to anyone (in North America) who 
requests them and actively promote this policy on many Amiga internet 
newsgroups including CompuServe and Genie. Also, we announce this 
offer in  Amiga Report on-line magazine and are included with Turtle Light-
ning Software's disk catalog and print mailings, which reach over 3400 in-
dividual Amiga owners. In addition, each issue of The Informer is submit-
ted to the newsletter review magazine, Factsheet 5, where a review of The 
Informer is printed in their monthly magazine. The Informer will also be 
published to our web page, where viewers can page through selected past 
and present articles. 

Our subscriber base is rapidly growing due, in part, to some of the ex-
citing benefits we offer. Not only do subscribers get free classified ad 
space to sell their used Amiga products, but they are also automatically 
entered in a bimonthly prize drawing. In each issue we will be awarding an
Amiga product to a random subscriber. 

Services Offered By The Informer.
The informer also offers dealers, developers and distributors other ser-
vices as well. We will meet all requests or submissions on a first come
first served basis. Please contact us by Email or voice for confirmation
prior to any submissions.

Commercial Reviews:  Starting with Issue 4 (in which we review Aweb II), 
each issue of The Informer will feature a review of a commercial software 
product. If you would like to have a review of your product printed in a 
future issue, send us a review copy of your software.

Commercial Announcements: The Informer will print any developer 
announcement about new products or upgrades. 

Shareware Reviews:  Shareware authors who wish to have the registered 
version of their product reviewed may submit them for printed review.

Shareware Announcements:  We will print shareware announcements and 
upgrades as space permits. Submit a brief "Readme" file with product 
information including Author, means of contact, brief description, 
requirements and availability.

Free Ads: Any company that donates an Amiga product (software, 
Hardware, books, etc.) for the bimonthly Informer giveaway, will receive 
1 free block of ad space.

Developer Write-ups: Any Developer who wishes to have their company
spotlighted it the "Developments" section of The Informer, should make 
an Email request for the Developer Questionnaire. By answering the 
questions on the questionnaire, a write-up of your company and products 
will be compiled.

Distribution: In an effort to get The Informer out to as many Amigans 
as possible, we are seeking companies who are willing to include our 
Newsletter with all their Amiga orders. In return for this service, we 
will mention your company in a special section in The Informer.

Amiga Listings: If you would like your Amiga specific user group, BBS 
or Web Page listed in The Informer, send it to us and we'll print it in the
"Contacts" section.

Advertising:  What The Informer Offers 
One of the greatest problems with the Amiga market today is lack of confi-
dence from consumers. People are not sure if they should spend money 
on an Amiga product. What they need is for developers, dealers and dis-
tributors to reassure them of their commitment to the products they pro-
duce and sell. Recognizing this, the Informer offers a variety of ways for
advertisers to connect with the Amiga community. 

Since the Informer is distributed solely to people who order Amiga
products or those that request a free issue, you can be assured your ad 
will be seen only by devoted users who actively use their Amigas.

In addition, anyone who advertises in the print addition of The Informer
will also receive an advertisement link to their pertinent company or prod-
uct information on our Web Page, increasing exposure even more.

If you are interested in finding out more about advertising in The In-
former, please request our Advertising Information Sheet via one of the 
methods listed bellow. In addition, you may also request a free issue of 
The Informer for your inspection. Please include your mailing address with 
any correspondence. Sorry, requests outside The US or Canada must include
$1 US to cover mailing expenses.

Fletcher Haug                      
The Informer Newsletter                            914-566-4665
PO Box 21                                           100% Amiga
Newburgh, NY 12551-0021                         "We Aim To Inform"