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                        E  N  I  G  M  A
            screenshots now on Aminet - check'em out!

The most destructive shoot'em up ever - it's one hell of a blast!
Hi-res overscan horizontal scrolling shoot'em up.

Screenshots + info now freely available on Aminet
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on Aminet

Format :   AMIGA AGA only!   (only the Amiga can cope!)
HD installable, uses upto 6MB mem, 4 disks, accelerator cards, etc.
Release Date : Oct'96    Publisher: OTM    Developer: Centillion

* The most technically advanced and innovative horizontal scrolling
  multi-player shoot'em up on any format!   Big claim ? Play the game!

* Awesome graphics in crisp clean hi-res overscan detail - featuring
  some spectacular 3D-rendered imagery and some of the most fantastic
  hand crafted graphics and animation yet seen in a shoot'em up

* A complete visual treat - upto 300 colours on screen
  - full 50 frames/sec action!

* Innovative multi-layered overscan parallax with varied playfield
  priorities and radical special fx.

* Random gameplay features, play a unique game every time, no two games
  the same - unpredictable and exciting gaming every time!
  Collect weaponry powerup`s and discover hidden secrets!

* The Best ever soundtracks, specially composed music created with
  high-end MIDI equipment and expertly converted for absolutely
  breathtaking results!

* Music AND Sound effect mixing. Specially developed state-of-the-art
  realtime multi-channel sample interpolation & music overlaying
  techniques.  Listen to the kicking soundtracks while you wipe out
  another enemy colony!

* Full Language Localisation supporting English, French, German and
  Italian speaking people.

* Fully hard-disk installable. Advanced automatic ram-caching for high
  speed loading out of memory when additional fast-ram is available.
  Takes full advantage of upto 4 Megabytes of additional fast-memory.
  If your machine has the extra grunt Enigma will use it!

* much much more!


11 Aldergate, Tamworth, Staffordshire, B79 7DL, UK
Tel. 01827 312 302   Fax. 01827 670 10   Email.