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PIOS Computer AG


PIOS Computer AG, Hildesheim, Germany, 24th August 1996.

New Product announcements from PIOS Computer AG has been eagerly awaited by
both the visitors to our Web-Page (over 46000 since May '96) and the
marketplace throughout Europe and the USA.

Unfortunately this delay has been caused by the inability to secure a
working agreement with Viscorp over the rights to the AMIGA patents and

Despite repeated efforts by PIOS managent Viscorp have discontinued
discussion, without giving any reasons or otherwise.  This is despite
initial talks and drawing up an agreements early June of this year.

In order for PIOS to meets its business goals of providing RISC products
for both the AMIGA community and other computer users, we feel that the
time has now come to provide an new impetus into the marketplace.  We can
no longer accept the Viscorp vision for AMIGA as being based on reality and
will immediately announce a range of products designed to give the AMIGA
and other computer user the power and performance they need for the next
decade.  ( watch this space for Product announcements.....  )

PIOS is committed to providing high performance, affordable products
through the year 2000 and beyond.