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Many years ago, 1991, my club flew Jay Miner to one of our annual big shows
we held.  Jay gave a fairly long talk on the Amiga and its history and his
personal work on it.  During this we had a professional video tape camera
setup on the scene taping every word and scene.  Oddly enough the tape was
mostly forgotten till a few months ago.  The creator of this tape, asked if
anyone was interested in getting a copy.  The response has been incredible
here.  I thought that everyone interested in the Amiga and Jay Miner would
love to have a copy.  We decided to offer it everywhere we could.  We are
offering the tape with shipping for only $15!  Mail your orders to:

   P.O. Box 813
   Bedford, Texas 76095

We can't take credit card orders, but if you want to talk to our club
treasurer, his name is John Malmstrom.  His number is (817)282-6158.
Checks or Money Orders should be made out to the Metroplex Commodore
Computer Club. 

Anyone interested in coming to our annual show this year it will be Sept. 
28th at the Arlington Convention Center.  E-Mail me for more details...

                            Johnny C. Kitchens