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Wanted Amiga People

It's our firm belief the Amiga platform marches on, proceeding toward a
"rebirth".  To be successful, support must now remain continuous.  Zorro
based hardware, and software applications in various configurations must be
accessible, and upgradable.  With this simple philosophy in mind, we're
creating this invigorated, new, support company.  OnLine, an Ohio start-up
company is looking worldwide, for enterprising people.

Join us!  Develop software and hardware applications for operation upon the
Amiga platform.  We 're awaiting contractors who can operate on a full/part
time basis out of their homes.  Future full time positions might exist in
the future.  Remember "you have to crawl before you can walk".

We will contact all who follow the following procedure.  Please contact us
at this time ONLY by regular mail.  No, phone calls, or e-mail!  Facilities
to handle these, are not yet established.

Write to:  OnLine  (Attn. Contractor)
           P.O. Box 8142
           Sylvania, Ohio 43560  USA

Include: Your Name, address, phone number, time zone, e-mail/fido addresses.

Background: Type of work (hardware/software), list some examples of your
past work.  List employers.  List your speciality, or what type of project
you would like to work on.  List how much time you feel that you could
devote to support such a project.

Permission is granted to post this message, as long as the material is posted
unchanged, and in full.