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We are pleased to announce the launch of our new web service, the Amiga Web
Network.  This service is available to any person or business that has an
Amiga related web site.  The AWN is a cooperative advertising program,
allowing you to advertise your web site or products for free.  That's
right, absolutely free!

If you are familiar with the Internet Link Exchange, then you already
should have an idea of how AWN works.  You will be given an account where
we will keep track of the number of times your banner is displayed, the
number of people that click on the banner and visit your site, and the
number of credits you have.  For each credit, you will receive a certain
amount of banner displays on the AWN.  For example, if you have 3 credits,
we will display your banner and link to your site 2 times.  Likewise, if
you had 30 credits, your banner will be displayed 20 times.  Currently,
people have been earning hundreds of credits per day for free.  We even
have one site that earns over 1,000 credits per day.

Since the AWN is free, you are probably wondering how you earn credit.
There are a few different ways.  The first way to do so is to display ad
banners for other people's web sites.  For each display, you will earn 1
credit.  This is the method most people will use.  Second, we do issue a
free number of credits to get you started.  Third, the AWN will issue bonus
credits for each referal (successfull hit) from a unique IP.

For further information, please visit our web page at:

David Tiberio
Amiga Web Network