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This is just a reminder message about CUCUG's banner ad program special
offer which will soon be expiring.  You can get 90 days worth of banner
placement on the Amiga Web Directory for as little as a $100 MERCHANDISE

The Champaign Urbana Commodore Users Group (CUCUG) is pleased to announce
that thanks to the many inquiries by Amiga-oriented companies, we will now
offer graphic advertisement banners on our popular Amiga Web Directory
( in return for product donations.  We feel
that your company would benefit greatly from featuring a banner link on our
popular Web site.

Running a display banner is simple, inexpensive and benefits you, CUCUG
members and the users of the Amiga Web Directory.  Now, you can reach
thousands of qualified, Amiga-oriented prospects with a highly visible link
to your main web page, a special limited-time offer or any other compelling
content you can dream up.  And if you respond by August 31st, you can get
50% more exposure, FREE!

1. Banners can measure a maximum 468 x 60 pixels but not exceed 10K in
   size. You may supply your own graphic or we can create it for you.
   The banner will be hooked up to instantly take the user to a web
   page of your choosing.

2. A maximum of two banners will be accepted for each page. Banners
   will appear before page content.

3. Banners will appear on all five worldwide Amiga Web Directory sites
   including the USA, Australia, Italy, Poland and the United Kingdom.

4. Normal running time on a banner is 60 days. Respond by August 31st,
   1996 and we will EXTEND the running time of your banner to 90 DAYS!

CUCUG accepts donations of Amiga-oriented hardware or software for banner
placement on the Amiga Web Directory.  Merchandise will be valued at
current "street" price.  These items will be used as CUCUG member benefits
and fund raisers.  This program benefits vendors and CUCUG.

There are 17 sections of the Amiga Web Directory on which you may choose to
place your banner.  The donation values for each page shown below are based
on the number of visits each of the pages receive.  Each day 4,000-6,000
Amiga enthusiasts visit the Amiga Web Directory and "hit" our servers'
files about 60,000 times(1).  Your company can enjoy premium placement on
our site for just a few copies of a few titles.  This is likely the most
affordable method available to reach Amiga enthusiasts from all over the

Rate Card

   90-Day              Merchandise
   Placement*             Donation
   Main AWD Home Page........ $600
   New Links Listing ........ $400
   Amiga News................ $350
   FW/SW Software Support.... $300
   Agnes' Search Page........ $300
   File Collections.......... $300
   Amiga Technologies
   Information............... $250
   Monster Link List......... $200
   Commercial Sites.......... $200
   Magazines................. $200
   Hardware Support.......... $200
   Demo Scene................ $200
   Info Resources............ $100
   Amiga Product Reviews..... $100
   Other Amiga Links......... $100
   Telnet BBSi............... $100
   User Group Listing........ $100

* Normally 60-day placement. Respond by August 31, 1996 to receive
  90-day placement.

Exposure on the Amiga Web Directory is a very economical way to reach
dedicated Amiga users since the cost of the ad is based on the value of a
merchandise donation, not cash.  It also offers all the advantages of an
electronic medium like instant response and quick and easy updates of your

Book your space now!  First come, first served.  A limited amount of space
is available.  Contact Kevin Hisel ( today and arrange
placement and details of the graphic, message and URL for your banner

(1) Documentation available upon request.

CUCUG reserves the right to modify or withdraw this program at any time, or
to refuse banner placement for any reason.  Space cannot be reserved in
advance of receipt of goods.