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CUCUG Announces its Fourth WWW Mirror Site

August 18, 1996 - The Champaign-Urbana Commodore Users Group (CUCUG)
announced today that Inter-Spider, an Internet Service Provider located in
Cracow, Poland, would be hosting its popular World Wide Web site.  A
process known as "mirroring" makes a nearly identical copy of a Web site
available to users closer to their own connection on the Internet.  This
usually results in more reliable connects and faster response.

CUCUG's webmaster, Kevin Hisel stated, "Users in Eastern Europe have been
asking us to set up a mirror there for quite some time.  We are grateful to
Inter-Spider for finally making it possible."

Zbigniew Baniewski, proprietor of Inter-Spider added, "There is a need to
establish an easy-to-connect site with news from Commodore world for many
polish Amiga users." He went on to say that, "there was also a sentimental
reason--my first computer was a Commodore VIC-20!"

According to Hisel, this is CUCUG's fourth mirror.  Other mirrors are
currently located in Australia, Italy and the United Kingdom.  The primary
CUCUG site is maintained at Champaign, Illinois in the United States.

CUCUG maintains the award-winning Amiga Web Directory and Agnes, an
advanced Amiga WWW search utility.  Both have become very popular with
Amiga users throughout the world.

The address for the new CUCUG mirror site in Cracow is:

CUCUG's main site can be found at:

CUCUG, The Amiga Web Directory, Agnes and the Agnes character are all
service marks of the Champaign-Urbana Commodore Users Group.  Amiga is a
registered trademark of Visual Information Services Corporation (VIScorp).