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                           News & Press Releases

       30 More Days         Argh!

 Midwest Amiga Exposition   The big Ohio show

     PIOS Computer AG       Their latest news release

    Directory Opus 5.5      GPSoft's latest version

  Amiga Legacy Magazine     The new trade magazine

       The Informer         The new North American newsletter

  CUCUG's 4th WWW Mirror    CUCUG expands their presence

  Agnus WWW Search Tool     CUCUG's Amiga web searcher

    Banner Ad Reminder      CUCUG's Web ad campaign

    Amiga Web Network       Area52's Web service

      Jay Miner Tape        Capture the legend on VHS

    Enigma Screenshots      OTM's latest

         Bograts            Vulcan's upcoming puzzler

        DrawStudio          The ImageStudio team strikes again

   Roland Patch Editor      Edit Roland synth parameters

     PhotoAlbum V0.4        Organize your images

       EnPrint V2.1         Epson Stylus series print drivers

 CrossDOS 6 Pro Rel. 6.06   Consultron's updated tool

      EMC Phase CDs         And their North American distributor

   Wanted Amiga People      OnLine wants Amiga developers

    SCSI Chip Upgrade       Get A3000s working properly

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