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   New to the Amiga scene is The Informer Newsletter.

The Informer is a print newsletter devoted to the Amiga user.  In this time
of uncertainty for the Amiga, it is hard to know what is fact and what is
fiction in the Amiga community.  Many users have difficulty finding support
or getting help for their problems, or just finding infor- mation on the
Amiga in general.  In some areas, it is even difficult to find an Amiga

What The Informer does is supply you with information about the Amiga in a
concise, capsuled format.  We'll help you get in touch with dealers and
developers, provide you with info on development projects, and help you
come to grips with the internet.  You'll read about useful programs and how
to get them.  We provide Email ad- dress, BBS listings, Web page URL's,
phone numbers, and other means to communicate with Amiga companies and
people.  In addi- tion, you'll get the latest news about the Amiga computer
and the Amiga community at large.  And to top it off, everything from start
to finish is produced using only Amiga computers, proving the versatility
of this wonderful machine.

If you would like to receive a free sample issue of The Informer (in the US
or Canada), send your postal mailing address to: The In- former, PO Box 21,
Newburgh, NY 12551-0021 or Email it to: 
Fletcher Haug, user of the UniBoard System @