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Oberursel, July 96:

With the beginning of August 1996, phase 5 digital products will release a
new generation graphics board, the CyberVision64/3D at a very competitive
pricing.  Designed for use as either a Zorro-II or Zorro-III board it will
work in all Amiga 2000, 3000 and 4000(T) series models as well as with
tower modifications of Amiga 1200 series models equipped with Zorro-II
backplanes.  CyberVision64/3D's modular design allow low entry prices at
high end perfomance and optimal expandibility.

Core of the new board will be the new graphics chip Virge with 3D
capabilities produced by the well known manufacturer S3.  The chip is able
to do complex 3D functions in hardware, like shaded and textured surfaces
with trilinear filtering as well as shading and fogging for very realistic
real tome 3D rendering.  In conjunction with the new CyberGraphX 3D library
CyberVision64/3D is offering a wide range of complex 3D functions for
software developers reducing development time and expense for developers
supporting the new CGX3D standard.

In addition to those features, a MPEG decoder can be added to the feature
connector allowing real time MPEG audio and video decoding at full size
custom screens or in workbench windows, allowing high quality display by
using the 16 and 24 bit modes of the workbench provided by CyberGraphX.
For stereo audio output a dedicated line output jack is provided.

The second optional expansion will be a monitor switcher with integrated
scan line doubler designed to fit into the Amiga's slot providing automatic
switch over from the Amiga's original Signal to the CyberVision64/3D's
output.  Mechanical dimensions of the switcher and the CyberVision64/3D
allow the use of both cards in th lower slot of A3000 / A4000 models
keeping 3 Zorro-III slots free for other expansion boards.

With all these features the CyberVision will be available in Germany at
suggested retail prices of DM 449,- with 2 MB and DM 599,- with 4 MB video
RAM.  The MPEG module expected to be released at the same time will be
available at DM 349,- and the scan doubler / monitor switcher is will cost
DM 149,-.  Developers registered in the PowerUP program can purchase the
CyberVision64/3D at a special developers price.

A very special offer will be available for users of the CyberVision64. 
There will be no MPEG modul available for the predecessor, since the add on
bus of the Trio64 used on the CyberVision64 is no longer supported by S3
and other manufacturers.  Due to the immense development required for the
implementation of that add on bus a MPEG module would have to be sold for
more than DM 500,-.  Because of this, CyberVision64 users who wish to use
MPEG can purchase the CyberVision64/3D together with the MPEG module for DM
499,- from phase 5 digital products.

Additional information:
phase 5 digital products
In der Au 27, 61440 Oberursel
Tel +49 6171 583787
Fax +49 6171 583789