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040-ERC Boards

With the beginning of July 1996, phase 5 digital products will release the
Blizzard 1240 T/ERC, a low cost 68040 based accelerator board especially
for tower housed Amiga 1200 main boards.  Due to the mechanical dimensions
and the high power consumption together with the heat emission of the 68040
processor and the therefor needed active cooling cap the board will not fit
into standard A1200.  The abbreviation ERC stands for EcoReCycling meaning
the processors used on this board are recycled and tested 68040 processors
operating at 40MHz with MMU/FPU.  By using these processors a very
competitive pricing of DM549,- for the Blizzard 1240 T/ERC is possible.
The board is axpandable to a total amount of 128 MB of RAM by standard 72
pin SIMM.  All other specifications are the same as those for the well
known BLIZZARD 1260; so later upgrades to the 68060 processor can be easily
done.  Like it's Big Sister the, Blizzard 1240 T/ERC can be expanded by the

Also good news for all A2000 users.  A Blizzard 2040 ERC will be available
equipped with the same recycled and tested 68040 CPU eith MMU/FPU running
at 40 MHz clock frequency.  All other specifications are exactly the same
as for the BLIZZARD 2060.   The Blizzard 2040 ERC will be sold for DM
699,-- and like the Blizzard 1240 T/ERC upgradeable to the 68060 processor.

Last not least with release date in September the ERC version of the
Cyberstorm MKII board will be available.  The Cyberstorm MKII 040/40ERC
will have the same specifications as the 68060 version.  This turbo board
can be used in all A3000, A3000T, A4000 and A4000T and can hold up to 128
MB local Fast RAM.  Off cours this board can also easily upgraded to the
68060.  The pricing for the 68040 version with MMU/FPU running at 40 MHz
will be DM 749,--.

Additional information:
phase 5 digital products
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Tel +49 6171 583787
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