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     Image Engineer 3.0


     Simon Edwards


     Image Engineer is a shareware image processing application.  It
     can be used for tasks varying from converting images between
     different file formats, rendering 24 bit images down to standard
     Amiga screen modes, enhancing badly scanned images, applying
     special effects even up to advanced image composition.  What you
     can use it for is basically limited by what you can think of.

     - Very fast, coded in 100% 68020 assembler
     - Multiple image editing
     - Dithered Colour or grey preview images.
     - Zoom in preview images.
     - Processing done in 8 bit grey or 24 bit colour
     - ARexx support
     - Thumbnail previews shown for most effects.
     - Font sensitive, resizable GUI with keyboard shortcuts, using
       the BGUI Library.
     - User configurable menus.
     - Uses the Superview Library for loading and saving.  Superview
       currently supports:-

        BMP (Win,OS/2)       IFF-YUVN (misc)      PNM (*nix)
        C64 (Koala, Doodle)  IMG (GEM/V*nt*ra)    QRT/POV
        EPS(F)-Header        JPEG (JFIF)          SGI
        FBM (*nix)           MAC (MacPaint)       SunRaster (RAS)
        GIF upto 89a         PCD (PhotoCD)        SVG Graphics
        Icon (W*nd*ws)       PCX upto V3.0        Targa
        IFF-ACBM             PICT-2 (Mac)         TIFF (V5.0)
        IFF-DEEP             Pictor/PCPaint/PIC   Utah RLE
        IFF-ILBM             PNG (Network Gfx)    WPG
        OS3-DataTypes        picture.datatype V43

     - Can display images using Superview Library. Superview Library
       currently supports ECS, AGA, EGS7, OpalVision, Retina,
       CyberGraphics, PicassoII, Merlin.
     - Supports AGA where available.
     - Render images to standard Amiga screen modes including HAM6
       and HAM8.
     - Dither images using Floyd-Steinberg, Burkes, Stucki, Sierra,
       Jarvis and Stevenson-Arce error diffusion algorithms.
     - Image processing effect implemented as disk based modules.
       Modules exist for:-

        Autocrop                       Hue
        Brightness                     Local Contrast Stretch
        Bulge                          Lowpass filter
        Composite (with alpha channel) Maximum filter
        Contrast                       Median filter
        Contrast Stretch               Minimum filter
        Convert To Colour              Negative
        Convert To Grey                Posterize
        Convolve (user defineable)     Reflect X
        Displace (with alpha channel)  Reflect Y
        Histogram Equalisation         Remove Feature
        False Colour                   Resize
        Gamma                          Rotate
        Halftone                       Saturation
        HighBoost filter               Scale
        Highpass filter                Sharpen
        Histogram                      Threshold

       More to be released in the future.


     - 68020 or higher processor.
     - OS V2.04+
     - 2Mb of RAM bare minimum, at least 4Mb recommended.
     - Superview Library to be installed.
       Available by FTP/Internet: AmiNet and mirrors


     FTP/Internet: AmiNet and mirrors
     (773893 Bytes)

     Available via WWW on the Image Engineer Support Page:


     The unregistered version is limited to images of size 400x400.
     Registration for a keyfile is only 35 US dollars.


     The unregistered version of Image Engineer V3.0 is freely
     distributable as long as no charge is made for it other than a
     small fee for the cost of the media.
     Copyright 1995-96 Simon Edwards.  All rights reserved.


     Information about the current status of Image Engineer, work in
     progress and on-line documentation is available on the WWW.