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                             Techno-1 Licenceware

Techno-1 licenceware now has 3 titles for sale: Jimmys, Software House &
Survivor.  All programs come with a printed manual, same day delivery, top
quality disks and full support.

Techno-1 needs more good quality programs.  If you have anything that you
think people might like then send it to the address at the bottom of this
do what they want with their work.


Name:  Jimmys
Type:  Platform Game
Cost:  4.99 (UK) Add another 50p for oversea postage

Jimmys was put together by a 6 strong team of Amiga enthusiasts and was
first intended as a commercial release but due to the Amiga scene in
Denmark the programmer decided to sell it as a licenceware title.  Your
mission is to guide Jimmy through 24 stages located at four different
places (the house of fun, deepspace melon, the woods and the hectic
harbour).  Jimmy is a skilled bubblegum shot and can kill the monsters by
shooting them with bubbles, furthermore the bubbles can be used as tempory
platforms.  There are LOADS of secret passages and secret room to discover.
The music is kicking and the graphics are brill.  I normally don't like
platform games but I was hooked on Jimmys for days.


Name:  Software House
Type:  Managerial Game
Cost:  4.99 (UK) Add another 50p for oversea postage

You are the owner of a software house, you must create your game and must
choose carefully what type of game you release.  You must advertise, deal
with piracy, build new offices, hire/fire and then keep your fingers
crossed and hope nothing unexpected happens.  Please note that you will
need 2 megs of chip memory to play Software House.


Name:  Survivor
Type:  Captive/Dungeon Master type Game
Cost:  3.99 (UK) Add another 50p for oversea postage

You are a scientist aboard a spacestation, you have an accident and render
yourself unconcous, when you awaken you find you are the only one still
alive, well, except for the hundreds of aliens that are now breeding aboard
your spacestation!  You must choose your charactor and space station then
search and destroy the aliens and more importantly their eggs.  You can
find weapons, armour and other items whilst expoloring the station to help
your task.


Cheques should be payable to    TECHNO-1


Techno-1 BBS:  +44 (0)1793 610632  24 hours 7 days
email       :
Voice       :  0589 559619 (mobile)
Snail       :  152 Marlborough Road, Swindon, Wiltshire. SN3 1LU. UK