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    compt.sys.editor.desk                          By:  Jason Compton 

Finally, it's (almost) all over (again).

By the time you read this, a long day of meetings at VIScorp will have
ended, meetings between corporate officers and bankers, all working out the
terms of the Amiga purchase.

It will soon be time to close the book on another brief chapter in Amiga
history and start working to make sure that the next 12 months are entirely
unlike the last 12.

In the meantime, life goes on.  Katherine Nelson and I will be at Amiga
Convention '96 in Montreal next weekend--I hope to see as many of you
there.  AWeb II has finally been released commercially, and I'm hearing
tales of IBrowse's release as well.

Perhaps the best news in a long time is that since the release of the Amiga
Developer CD last month, over 2,000 have been sold.  To me, that says there
are at least 2,000 people who are incredibly anxious to develop better
software for the Amiga.  Laid end to end, those people would stretch over 2
miles.  More importantly, their efforts will give us all something new to
do for quite a long time to come.

I hope everybody still has their seatbelt on from last year.  Things are
only going to get more interesting, I think.  Sure, things aren't perfect.
I wish I had the answers to all of the policy questions we all want to hear
addressed.  After talking with Don Gilbreath and Raquel Velasco of VIScorp
today, a few more things are falling into place.

So sit back and enjoy.