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                THEY say: "Amiga games suck"
                THEY say: "Developers are gone"
                THEY say: "No more good games"
                THEY say: "Amiga is dead"

                ...well, WE say:

                              F*@% THEM !!! 

          We are clickBOOM - the angriest team in cyberspace

          We have developed an amazing combat epic for Amiga 
                        called Capital Punishment

                      It is what players asked for:


                         And what they hoped for:


               And it's coming soon to blow your Amiga away!

      You'll engage in battle against warriors, ninjas, aliens, and 
   an assortment of other fearsome opponents in some of the goriest 
   fighting scenes ever seen in a video game.

Amiga Computing - "Capital Punishment could take fighting games 
                   into the next millennium"

Amiga Format    - "Capital Punishment has been proclaimed as 
                   the ultimate video game".

Amiga Report    - "Capital Punishment is a very smooth and engrossing game"

CU Amiga        - "Frame rate is higher than any fighting game I've seen"

Visit "clickBOOM" web page for more information; chance to win one of 
5 free Capital Punishment games; and to download playable beta demos:


Internet e-mail:

                                             beware...Punishment is coming