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                  EMC Phase4 Desktop Video Dreams CD-ROM
                             By:  Jason Compton 

You may not believe this, but there are a lot of people who use the Amiga
to produce videos.

All kidding aside, there's an awful lot of stuff out there to help video
amateurs, enthusiasts, and professionals put out a top-notch product.  The
problem, of course, is that a lot of it has been scattered about and it
takes a brave heart, not to mention someone with some time on his or her
hands, to go and dig up that particular subtitling program you heard was
good somewhere once.

EM Computergraphic decided to save you the trouble.  Their Phase 4 CD,
Desktop Video Dreams, is designed to pull a great deal of tools and useful
items for video producers together in one place--music, backgrounds,
textures, buttons, and editing and post-production tools such as image
processors and the aforementioned subtitlers.  A number of the packages
included are not full versions, such as the DeluxePaint 5 demo.

The CD is Amiga-only, with a friendly, personable, if not extravagant
layout.  Almost everything is easily accessed from CD, although there was a
small problem where an animation section presumes you have the proper
libraries installed on your system.

You'll definitely want to check out MMExperience and ImageVision if
pictures and video are your thing, and Phase4 brings them to one place for

EMC has done a solid job.  There are a lot of Amiga video hardware
companies but nobody really seems to have the foresight to produce a CD
such as this, as a companion piece to their customers' studio.  So EMC did
it and they deserve notice for it, Phase4 is a well-constructed
video-targeted CD.

Available from:
E.M. Computergraphic
8 Edith Road
Clacton on Sea
Essex. CO15 1JU
+44 1255 431389 phone
+44 1255 428666 fax