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                    SciFi Sensations Volume 2 Followup
  Gerard Sweeney                             

[In AR 4.08, we ran an overview of the Sci-Fi Sensations CD.  This review
was presented as a review of the second CD of that series, as it was
presented to the reviewer.  However, it was in fact just the second ISSUING
of the original CD-ROM.  This situation has been sorted out and the author
explains the mix-up.  We apologize to Epic Marketing for the error. -Jason]

Following a lengthy email exchange with Andy at Epic, I have been asked to
write the following statement to explain what it was all about.

When I wrote my article on Sci-Fi Sensations volume 2, I had just paid 20
quid for it under the impression that it was a completely new CD.  I was
annoyed, so I wrote the article which has managed to get me on Epic's most
wanted list :)

It now transpires that what is being called "Sci Fi Sensations volume 2" is
NOT a new CD, but an upgrade with any corrupt files from volume 1 removed.

This short note is to say that based on information given to me by Andy
that I now realise that it is an upgrade and my (frankly) rant about it
should, by and large, be ignored.

My only criticism of volume 2 now is that it would have been nice to have
seen some more files to replace the corrupt ones, and that it should be
displayed more clearly on the front of the CD that it is an upgrade.  Oh,
and some of the organisation is still a bit ropey.   However, I've been
told that this will hopefully be amended for the next update, and more
(Sci-Fi related) files will be added.

Just for the record, Weird Science (who I bought the CD from) were not the
only ones who thought it was a new CD...  I called several companies (Epic
included!), and they all assured me that it was a new CD..

My article was never meant to be a review, so the grammar in it was poor
(at best), and I may have made one or two damning statements which have
resulted in the request for my head upon a stick at Epic.   If I have any
further comments on the next UPDATE of Sci Fi Sensations (note the word
update CAREFULLY!), I'll let you know.

Oh, just a plug here - Sci Fi Sensations II (that's the ACTUAL, REAL
version, not an update) should be coming out soon, and should be a bit
special...  I'll let you know :)

Gerard Sweeney
19 June 1996.