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                     Open Letter to Amiga Enthusiasts
                     Cleveland Area Amgia Users Group

Cleveland Area Amiga Users Group
18813 Harlan Dr.
Maple Hts., Ohio 44137-2239

111 North Canal Street, Suite 933
Chicago, IL 60606

Subject: An Open letter to all Amiga Enthusiasts.

 To the Managers and Amigans at VIScorp, and Amiga User Every where,

   We the members of The Cleveland Area Amiga Users Group, are interested
in the plans of VIScorp for the Amiga.  We have pledged support to the
Amiga and have expressed that support by in vesting money and time in our
machines.  We still find the Amiga our choice of computer and look forward
to the next generation of Amiga computers.  The PowerAmiga is an example of
a new generation that we would definitely be interested in purchasing.

   Many professionals and enthusiasts make up our group.  Two (and perhaps
more ) are well known in the Amiga community.  We all have an interest in
seeing the Amiga continue and would support any company endeavour to
continue producing the machines we love.  In fact we are willing to offer
our time in anyway that would be helpful to you and your efforts to create
the next generation as well as update current soft-and-hardware.  We will
share our next Journal, the Amiga-GURU that we have published for over ten
years.  In fact, last February was the tenth anniversary of our User Group.

   We look forward to hearing about your plans for the future of the Amiga
and hope that you include user groups, such as ours, in those plans.  Our
offer to help is no ploy; it is a serious commitment to con tinuing the
only computer that created a community of users rather than just
purchasers.  We hope that other User Groups and you will join with us in
renewing our community through a new generation of commitment, cooperation
and soft/hardware.

Membership of The Cleveland Area Amiga Users Group

Peter Babula          George Woodworth
Joanne Bandlow        Ed Marconi
Dan French            Larry Keller
Bob Tracy             Frank Augustine
Steven Yee            George Pirkel
Tony Botta            James Boros
Douglas Lehnhart      Jeffery Burford
Paul Marinchick       Frank Purdy
John Welch            Bill Strack
Steve Roberts         Mike Kramer
Carl Hartman          Sally Caskey
John Rozack           Arthur Luecke
James Marras          Phyllis Edberg
Dale Barnett          Doug Blakeley
David Hare            Al Gudenas
James Wessel          Carl Skala
Julia Grauel          Ken Gessford
Sanford Lebovitz      Clifford Holt
Alexander Rivera      Christopher Simmons
Wayne Draznin         Calvin Simmons
Art Rossi             Jim Wohl
Mike Rozack           Philip Stelmashuk
Edith Goldstein       Chuck Miller
Mark Schweter