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                Forthcoming Amigas: Open Letter From France

This is an open letter to whoever plans to build new Amigas.

As for now the situation is totally unclear and seems more like a Dallas
episode than everything else.

As of Today, we know that AT is ready to build PPC Amigas, Phase5 is
building its own prototype, MacroSystems is known to think hard about
it, and Pios will build PPC Amigas.

This should be what all Amiga owner wanted, as everybody seems to like PPC
Amiga.  Major problem however is that those companies will build also new
operating system for their amiga.  Their amiga, and not for the other
companies' PPC Amigas.

I'm speaking as for now for the largest part of the French Amiga
Community,both Net users, BBS users and friends.  Chances are that all
Amiga users althrough the world feel the same way as we do.

What we want is a SINGLE operating system.  We don't want to buy in a near
future a PPC Amiga from Viscorp and find out that it is not compatible on
the software level with Phase5's Amiga, which in turn is not compatible
with PIOS's Amiga.

What we want is some sort of cooperation between those companies, as little
as possible if they want it, but cooperation anyway, for both software and
hardware.  We want a portable operating system, which can run on either
systems and we want add-ons which will work on either systems.

Perhaps this letter has no reason to exist, perhaps there's already strong
cooperation between companies, but rumors, lack of information, and even
companies official talks, tend to proove this kind of letter is necessary.

Feel free to proove us we're wrong.


Users, IRC, BBS, Usenet fr.comp.sys.amiga, RTC:

Philippe Brand,Jean Luc Sorrel,Samuel Devulder,Stephane Haytaian,Frank
Prevot Laurent Giroud,Laurent Caillat-Vallet,Vincent Oneto,Sylvain
Rougier,Yann Serra Yann Moreaux,Philippe Thomas,Tardif Hugues,Laurent
Rochetta,Thomas Thery Franck Chevalier,Guillaume Bozon,Yohann Auriau,Thomas
Cuzin Rambaut Thomas Mangin,Sebastien Provost,Sven Luther,Laurent
Delayen,Jerome Zago Alban Brument,Franck Aniere,Gwenael
Tranvouez,Yann-Erick Proy Alexandre Gevers,Nikita De Heering,Christopher
Potter,Corinne Villemin-Gacon Jean-Alexis Montignies,Pierre Cadeot,Michael
Bruyere,Rolf Diensten Patrice Pappalardo,Frederic Poels,Francois
Billard,Yannick Perret Nicolas Maillet,Nicolas Pomarede,Mathieu
Gardere,Gilles Masson Jean-Philippe Metz,Jerome Jantzen,Francis
Mouthaud,Sebastien Greau Arnaud Dury,Christelle Gabin,Olivier Biffaud,Yves
Libercier,David Presle Olivier Fabre,Emmanuel Barriera,Georges
Merlino,Jean-Francois Pik Sebasien Godbille,Lionel Menou,Laurent
Thouy,Patrice Cornillon Christophe Laino,Eric Menou,Guillaume
Proux,Frederic Mossmann,Jerome Lovy Jerome Chesnot,Nicolas Gelenne,Benoit
Planquelle,Alexandre Granvaud Michel Franquenk,Laurent Angeli,Loic Le
Texier,Claude Dehais,Vincent Ardiet Frederic Helly,Franck Gimond,Thierry
Martinez,Yohann Courtois,Emmanuel Letondor Sylvain Martinez,Hakim
Ramdane,David Kaminski,Yvan Le Texier,Hadrien Nilsson Yan Pujante,Laurent
Peron, Frederic Planche Etienne Schneider,Jean-Christophe Pottier,Frederic
Botton Stephane Gaubert,Regis Rampnoux,Ludovic Robinot,Olivier Lahaye,Frank
Geider Alexandre Del Bigio,Frederic Leconte,Stelian Pop,Jerome Souquieres
Regis Levie,Rodrigo Reyes,Philippe Lespinasse,Georges Goncalves,Eric
Levesque, Florent Monteilhet,Christophe Labouisse,Stephane
Legrand,Jean-Marc Xiume Nicolas Pernoud,Stephane Desneux,Philippe
Bastiani,Florent Brun,Cedric Souchon Philippe Fabry,Luc Gibert,Remi
Perrot,Michel Julien,Fabrice Sabatier Gilbert Helbecque,Alain
Chofardet,Denis Bernard,Christian Herblot Stephane Bunel,Jean-Claude
Dang,Simon Gris,Laurent Desarmes,Alain Petit Otmar Bender,David
Molinier,Philippe Carpinelli,Dominique Douteaux,Michel Donat Olivier
Brosse,Pascal Roch,Christophe Le Roch,Gael Martinez,Ludovic Brevilet
Emmanuel Vacher,Arnaud Meurgues,Patrice Orio,Eric Totel,Jean-Yves Catella
David Dudziak,Denis Ribayrol,Olivier Aubert,Olivier Jeannet,Patrick Castel
Gilles Morain,Emmanuel Doguet,Thibault Carrier,Aymeric Vague,Cyrille
Thieullet Xavier Billault,Laurent Jean-Rigaud,Nicolas Dehaine,Christophe
Lize Christophe Herubel,Jean-Pierre Riviere,Frederic Dalesme,Paul Redondo
Kersten Emmrich,Fabrice Hulen,Marc Ferrari,Jacques Pereira Jean Francois
Bouderlique,Guillaume Laurent,Wilfried Dupeyroux,Loic Devaux Jean-Bernard
Corazzi,Jerome Fleury,Denis Gounelle,Eric Gerard,Pascal Belaubre Eric
Giguere,Olivier Collard,Jean-Philippe Gadenne,Stephane Anquetil P
Lefrancois,Denis Galiana,Vincent Morenas,Laurent Gely,Guillaume Girard Eric
Delord,Herve Sonneville,Philippe Bastiani,Georges Segel,Philippe Rousseaux
Francois Lemarchand,Laurent Desarmes,Regis Levie,Pierre Delisle Fabrice
Hulen,Jean-Luc Manchon,Bruno Rohee,Daniel Mercier,Frank Atikossi,....  and
a few thousands more, all members of french amiga community.

French Companies/Newspapers/User Associations:

Ailpe Informatique, Anews, Dream, Gelain, Amie, Corvette Production
Frontieres Informatique, Ramses Diffusion