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Amiga Translators' Organization

Ladies and gentlemen, a new era has begun on the Amiga.  No more shall
users struggle with technical English jargon (or, even worse, German,
French or Italian), no more shall programmers struggle with getting
translators for their programs.  Amiga Translators' Organization is born!

The function of Amiga Translators' Organization should be pretty easy to
render: We are an organization consisting of, at the time of writing, over
40 translators of 13 languages willing to translate anything for the Amiga,
and at the same time, we are always seeking new members.  So: If you are a
programmer who wants translations for your program, please contact us.  If
you are/want to be a translator, please contact us too.

In an earlier Amiga Report, Anders Bakkevold of Norway has introduced his
"locale" homepage.  ATO is in no way in open war with Anders, in fact we
have merged.  However, as ATO has is a little more organized (no offence,
Anders!), I would like to give you a brief overview of ATO:

One of our biggest visions is the perfect translation.  We do not just want
to be a pool of translators, we want quality controlled translations.  This
means that for every project (except very small ones) we will occupy at
least BOTH a translator and a proofreader, and for large projects more
people will get involved.  In addition, our different language departments
are continually setting up guidelines for translation and developing
technical dictionaries in order to make translations uniform and as
user-friendly as possible.

In the past, there have been problems with translations.  I can speak of
Danish: Often Danish translations are even worse using than the English
originals because translators do not follow the guidelines of the
Workbench, and in some cases the translators simply cannot spell.  I know
that this sounds rude, but nevertheless it is the pure truth.  These
problems will vanish if programmers start using ATO instead of picking up
the first volunteering translator on a random mailing list.

If you are interested, either as a programmer or as a translator, you are
very welcome to visit our homepage:
Here you will find lots of useful information on how we are organized, how
you join, how you get a program translated, links to our language
departments etc.  etc.

Please mail me your opinion(s) about ATO, both negative and positive.

Kind regards,
Ole Friis

Main Administrator & Danish Language Administrator of Amiga Translators'