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IAM is proud to announce that MRBackup has been sold by Mark Rinfret and it
is now published by IAM.  Robert Hardy will be supporting and continuing
the development of the product.  It is no longer available as shareware.
We've already made a few improvements, and are now shipping MRBackup 2.5 to

If you need a backup program that is still supported and developed on the
Amiga, we urge you to consider purchasing MRBackup.  Buy DiskSalv4 at the
same time and save!  PLEASE spread the word.  It's hard for Amiga companies
to get the message out about new products these days...

MRBackup 2.5 sells for US$60 + s/h (or US$10 + s/h for upgrades from
previous registered versions).  It is also available in a special package
deal with DiskSalv4 (shipping now) for only US$80 -- a savings of $20 on
the two products!

For more information, see below.  You can also write to,
see our web pages at, or download our AmigaGuide
catalog file via anon FTP to file://

IAM publishes "Connect Your Amiga!  A Guide to the Internet, LANs, BBSs and
Online Services" (second printing, revised for 1996, shipping now), "Eight
Freely Redistributable Disks to Connect Your Amiga!", "MegaBall4", "The
Deathbed Vigil", and "Amiga Envoy 2.0b." It also distributes DICE in North

[If you maintain a BBS or other archive of freely redistributable software,
please remove any old versions of MRBackup -- they are no longer freely
redistributable.  We plan to release a demo version of 2.5 soon.]

Details follow:


MRBackup is an Amiga hard disk backup program with friendly graphical
interface and extensive ARexx support.  You need a backup program to:

  *   Protect your valuable files against loss
  *   Remove rarely-used files from your harddrive, freeing up needed
      harddrive space
  *   Transfer larger-than-fits-on-one-floppy files between systems

MRBackup provides a wide range of services to support Amiga file management
and backup/restore of files to/from hard disk.  Files can be backed up to:

  *   Floppy disk, in AmigaDOS format
  *   Floppy disk, in a special "fast" format
  *   Any sequential file or device (local or networked) in "fast"
  *   SCSI streaming tape

MRBackup was originally written by Mark Rinfret nearly ten years ago. 
During the program's long history, with the suggestions of many thousands
of Amiga users, it has evolved a great deal of stability, functionality,
and ease-of-use.  As of June, 1996, MRBackup is published by IAM, who is
proud to add MRBackup to its fine line of Amiga products, and to add to its
stable of outstanding Amiga authors Mr.  Robert Hardy of HardKore Software.
Bob is the new owner of the source code for MRBackup, and will be providing
support for new and existing customers, bug fixes and future development. 
He has already produced version 2.5 and started work on version 3.

MRBackup is designed to behave well in your Amiga's multi-tasking
environment.  It does not "take over the machine" and will allow you to use
your Amiga for other activities while backups are being performed. 
MRBackup is controlled by a flexible set of user-configurable parameters
and offers a wide range of backup and restore options.  Its Intuition-based
user interface is designed for a pleasing appearance and ease of operation.

MRBackup provides a complete and powerful ARexx interface through which
you can access most operating parameters and features. Automate
complex backup procedures through relatively simple rexx macros. Launch
ARexx macros separately or from the Macros Menu. Run multiple
"copies" of MRBackup, with a unique ARexx port name for each instance of

MRBackup uses the Amiga's speech capabilities to provide an effective means
for presenting prompts, error conditions and requests for floppy disk
insertions, etc.  While DEVS:narrator.device and LIBS:translator.library
are no longer shipped with the Amiga operating system, you can copy them
from your older copies of the AmigaDOS installation disks and they will
work just fine.

MRBackup provides optional data compression which will reduce the number of
diskettes (or other media) required for a backup.  A saveset catalog file
is created for each saveset, allowing quick retrieval of individual files
when necessary.  Should the catalog file become damaged or lost, MRBackup
can recreate it by scanning the saveset.


The following minimum requirements should be met in order to assure
proper operation of MRBackup:

  *   any Amiga system with at least 1 MB memory and AmigaDOS 2.04 or
  *   1 floppy disk drive or SCSI streaming tape drive (Archive Viper,
      Wangtek 50XX, TEAC 36XX, Sony DAT, etc.)
  *   MRBackup will work with any hard drive supported by the AmigaDOS
      operating system