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 Call For Participation:

 The CyberGraphics ScreenMode Definition Library

Most CybgerGraphics users spend hours in generating usable screenmodes
for their monitor and often new CGFX users ask if someone can send them
a screenmode definiton file.

Motivated by other cybergraphics users I'm trying to build up a
library containing screenmode definition files.

If *YOU* want to help building up the library then please follow the
steps below and upload your definition file.

If there is enough response to my call I make the archive public
available via FTP/WWW.
(Please note that I have _NO_ commercial intention regarding the library!)


 - Create a LHA-archive containing your screen-mode definition file.

   (To find out the name of your current definition file, use the command
    "type ENV:Cybergraphics/*Monitor". The output will look like
    "Monitor-57KHz". This file can be found in the subdirectory in your
    "ENV:Cybergraphics" directory. For a CyberVision card this would
    look like "ENV:Cybergraphics/CyberVision/Monitor-57KHz".
    Simply add this file to the LHA-archive.)

   Important: DO NOT ADD the monitorfile itself, but only the
              definition file.

 - Choose an approriate name for your archive (and readme)
   that reflects the brand and type of your monitor,
   eg. "nec4fg.lha"/"nec4fg.readme" or "philips15b.lha"/"philips15b.readme"
   (Only one file per archive!)

 - Create a .readme file with the following layout:

     Monitor:   <the name an the type of your monitor>
     Bandwidth: <the bandwith of your _monitor_>
     H-Freq:    <horizontal frequency of your monitor>
     V-Freq:    <vertical frequency of your monitor>
     Card:      <your graphiccard, eg. CyberVision 64
     Memory:    <the memory of your _GRAPHIC_card>
     Modes:     <OPTIONAL: an overview of the supported screenmodes
                 of your monitorfile>
     Uploader   <_your_ email-address and name, in case of questions>

     (check 'CVMode' for bandwidth, h-freq, v-freq and mode values!)

   Here is an example (for my monitorfile):

     Monitor:  NEC MultiSync 4FG
     Bandwith: 75MHz
     H-Freq:   27-57kHz
     V-Freq:   50-90Hz
     Card:     Cybervision 64
     Memory:   4MB
     Modes:    256: 320x240, 640x256, 640x480, 640x512, 768x680, 800x600
                    912x708, 1024x768, 1120x900, 1280x1024, 1600x1200
               64k: 320x240, 640x480, 800x600, 912x708, 1024x768, 1120x900
               16M: 320x240, 640x480, 800x600, 912x708, 1024x768, 1104x800
     Uploader: (Lars Eilebrecht)

 - Upload both files into the "/incoming" directory of
   the ftp-server "".

 - and last but not least, send a mail to ""
   including the name of your upload!
   (Please use "CGFX: <filename>" as the subject of your mail!)


Spend 5 minutes of your time and help new CGFX users to save 5 hours...

If you have any questions or comments, please respond to 
Lars Eilebrecht (