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P R E S S   R E L E A S E

(Deltagraph Ltd., 1 Chlois & Diogenous str., Metamorfosi Attikis 144 52,

"AMIGA COMPUTING" GREEK EDITION, Stephanos C. Siopoulos, Editor-in-Chief

Dear Sirs,

Concerning the release of the Greek edition of "Amiga Computing" Magazine

As Editor-in-Chief, I would like to inform AR as well as the international
Amiga community, on matters concerning the release of the first Amiga-only
magazine to appear in the Greek computer press for over 4 years.  It is a
publication already well known in the European and American Amiga press:
"AMIGA COMPUTING".  So, after successful negotiations with the IDG Media
Group, Deltagraph Ltd., a Greek publishing company specialising in
computer-related magazines (already publisher of "User", "Multimedia World/
Greek Edition" and "GamePro/Greek Edition") are proud to announce that a
deal has been made for publishing a Greek edition of the successful "AMIGA
COMPUTING" magazine, and issue 1 (July'96) is already out.

The decision for the publication of an Amiga-related magazine in Greece was
made after careful consideration and study of factors and circumstances
contributing to the revitalisation and re-organisation of the Amiga markets
throughout Europe and -especially- Greece at this given time-frame.  Thus,
this decision and all the subsequent moves leading to the creation and
organisation of a competent team of editors, translators and Amiga experts
who will cooperate in order to make the aforementioned magazine a reality,
should be seen in the right perspective as an indication of an overall
attempt made by several interested parties whose common objectives are :
(a) the revitalisation of the Amiga market in Greece, (b) the promotion of
the existing and -more importantly- future Amiga models (either from
AT/Viscorp or 3rd parties, eg.  phase5, PIOS, Eagle, etc) and (c) the
support of the end-users.  Given the above, "AMIGA COMPUTING/Greek Edition"
will closely co-operate with all Amiga-related companies or organisations
in Greece (e.g.  "Greek Amiga Club", "DIONIC SA" and "ACROPOLIS NETWORK"
among others) for the implementation of a proper method and practice of
Amiga support and promotion in this country.

Awaiting the comments, wishes and -of course- the "press releases" and
announcements of Amiga-related developers and organizations,

Sincerely Yours,

Stephanos C.  Siopoulos, Editor-In-Chief of "Amiga Computing"/Greek
Edition.  (e-mail:


"AmigaComputing/Greek Edition" e-mail address is: [VALID
from July 1996] We also hope that by mid-July '96 "AC/Greek Edition" will
also be "on-line" soon at the following URL: