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Chicago, IL
June 27, 1996


     Visual Information Service Corp. (NASDAQ: VICP, Bulletin Board)
     ("VIScorp") and Emerson Radio Corp. (AMEX:MSN), announced today that
     they have entered into a letter of intent granting Emerson the North
     and South American exclusive distribution and sales rights to
     VIScorp's interactive Internet television set-top device, the
     Universal Internet-Television Interface(R) (UITI(R)), and the
     UITI(R)-TV interactive "smart" television set. Terms have not been
     disclosed, pending a definitive agreement. However, pursuant to the
     letter of intent, VIScorp would be granted warrants to purchase up
     to a maximum of one million shares of Emerson common stock at an
     exercise price of $6 per share. "The UITI(R) provides new and
     exciting entertainment, information and telecommunications
     capabilities using any standard television set, including easy
     access to the Internet, World Wide Web and on-line services,"" said
     William Buck, Chief Executive Officer of VIScorp. "The Emerson Radio
     branded set-top device will dramatically expand the capabilities of
     the family TV set by providing TV viewers a host of services like
     e-mail, on-line chat and Net surfing that have, until now, been
     available only to those who own personal computers. "The UITI(R) is
     more than a network computer (NC) as it turns the TV set into a
     sophisticated communications center, offering an on-screen menu, a
     speaker phone, the ability to send and receive fax messages,
     on-screen caller identification (Caller ID) where available,
     calendar, telephone and address storage, and other services. In
     addition, it comes with a series of "in-ROM" interactive multimedia
     games so that it provides greater value to the whole family," Mr.
     Buck continued.
     VIScorp explains that the UITI(R) runs on an enhanced Amiga+
     operating system which, VIScorp says, is internationally recognized
     as one of the finest multitasking multimedia systems, as well as one
     of the most cost effective systems. The UITI(R) comes equipped with
     a built-in modem; includes special fonts and graphics so that
     networked text, data and images can easily be read at normal viewing
     distance; contains random access memory (RAM) to enable users to
     download text, messages and other information; and, comes with a
     sleek, easy-to-use remote control with an imbedded keyboard for
     convenient information input.
     "We are extremely excited about the prospect of our product carrying
     the Emerson Radio name," said Mr. Buck. "Emerson is an
     internationally recognized leader in consumer electronics, with a
     reputation for quality and value."
     Eugene I. Davis, President of Emerson, stated: "We are very
     optimistic about the inclusion of UITI(R) technology into our
     product mix going forward.
     We believe that convergence products will be a major emphasis in the
     consumer electronics business over the next several years and we
     believe that Emerson will be a value product to the mass market in
     this area. We believe the Emerson Radio brand name, which is
     recognized as one of the top brands in consumer electronics, will
     help drive not only the Internet-television interface products, but
     also the second and third generation units which VIScorp has already
     demonstrated to us. We are currently a major supplier to some of the
     largest retailers in the U.S., such as Wal-Mart, Target and Kmart
     and believe these retailers will be looking forward to getting into
     interactive TV products with the Emerson Radio brand name, a brand
     name that has always sold well in their stores."
     For more information on Emerson Radio Corp. and its products,
     interested persons may contact Eugene I. Davis, President, at
     (201)428-2000, or Adam Friedman at KCSA Public and Investor
     Relations at (212)682-6300, ext.215.
     Product names mentioned herein may be trademarks and/or registered
     trademarks of their respective companies.
     Contact: Florine Radulovic, Director of Communications, VIScorp