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June 24, 1996

ESCOM AG Finalizes Agreement
to Sell Amiga Technologies GmbH To VIScorp

     ESCOM AG and Visual Information Service Corp. (NASDAQ: VICP,
     Bulletin Board) announced they have now signed the final agreement
     about the acquisition of Amiga Technologies GmbH by VIScorp, subject
     to approval by their boards. According to the agreement, the entire
     staff and property of ESCOM subsidiary Amiga Technologies GmbH will
     pass into the possession of VIScorp. This includes all existing
     components and finished goods inventory of Amiga and the
     intellectual properties of the former Commodore group, excepted
     Commodore trademarks. The purchase price is approximately US $40
     million in stock and cash.
     VIScorp's products, the Universal Internet-Television Interface(R)
     (UITI(R)), the Electronic Device(R) (ED(R)), the UITI(R)-TV and the
     ED(R)-TV (smart television set systems), are powered by Amiga custom
     chip-sets and the Amiga operating system, and offer a means by which
     TV viewers can bridge the separate worlds of television, computing
     and telecommunications.
     VIScorp states that Amiga Technologies GmbH will continue to
     coordinate the production and distribution of Amiga computers at its
     headquarters in Bensheim, Germany.
     Additional information on VIScorp and its technologies is available
     through its Web site at If you have important
     comments regarding the above statement, please send us email, using
     a subject line of "We Value Amiga".
     Your mail will be read carefully, but please realize that we cannot
     directly respond to all mail.  E-mail should be directed to
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