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Chicago, IL  USA
June 19, 1996


  System Improvements
     In the months ahead, VIScorp will be making substantial improvements
     to the Amiga system architecture, including both the hardware design
     and the operating system software. These advanced new systems will
     be developed not only for our upcoming Set Top Boxes, but also for
     future Amiga Desk Top Computers. VIScorp is investing considerable
     resources into engineering these improvements.
     One of the primary objectives of VIScorp's business plan is to
     develop, manufacture, market, and sell Amiga Desk Top Computer
  Architecture Group
     Many of the above improvements require an in-depth knowledge of
     specialty markets and technologies. Because of this, VIScorp made
     the decision in May 1996 to form an Architectural Design Group
     consisting of a small number of highly qualified Amiga experts.
     While this group is still in its early formation stage, we intend it
     to oversee and resolve the numerous suggestions and enhancements
     that must be addressed for the long term success of the Amiga.
  Technology Licenses
     As stated above, VIScorp will research and develop valuable
     enhancements to the architecture and technology of the Amiga,
     resulting in a wide range of next generation, price competitive
     computer products.
     There are, however, situations in which it makes sense for VIScorp
     to license Amiga related technology to qualified companies whose
     business objectives are consistent with VIScorp's long range plan.
     Such agreements may include binary, ROM, and documentation licenses
     for the distribution of Amiga OS upgrades, hardware and software
     system licenses for specialty markets, and possibly source code
     co-development licenses to help expand the Amiga and its feature set
     into the next decade.
  Property Rights Infringement
     It has come to our attention that several companies plan to build
     their own "compatible" or "extended" versions of the Amiga without
     obtaining the proper licensing from VIScorp. These companies will be
     placing themselves at legal risk, because their systems will
     undoubtedly infringe on Amiga intellectual property rights,
     including copyrights, patents, and trade secrets.
     In addition, we have recently become aware that versions of the
     Amiga System ROMs are being reproduced and distributed without
     proper licensing. This is a violation of international copyright
     law, and VIScorp will prosecute offenders to the full extent of the
     Realize that VIScorp is purchasing Amiga Technologies at great
     expense for ownership of precisely the above property rights and
     considers them a fundamental asset of the company. As such, VIScorp
     intends to aggressively defend its position as the owner of the
     Amiga and its related technologies. Companies that choose to violate
     the law are well advised to consider the easier and less costly path
     of obtaining a license.
     If you have important comments regarding the above statement,
     please send us email, using a subject line of "We Value Amiga".
     Your mail will be read carefully, but please realize that we cannot
     directly respond to all mail.  E-mail should be directed to