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    Mail Manager


    Version 1.2 (1-May-96)


    Pino Aliberti

    Fidonet:  2:335/602.2@fidonet
    Amiganet: 39:102/10.0@amiganet


    Mail Manager is a Full Integrated Tosser/Scanner/Editor/Tick
    Processor for Fidonet Technology compatible networks.

    Mail Manager...

    ... is able to manage both a Point or a Node in Fidonet Technology.
    ... is able to manage Tick Files.
    ... is able to manage Echo File Attached.
    ... is able to automatically create new Echo Areas.
    ... is able to manage 4 different types of message bases.
    ... is able to manage 3 different types of Mail Packets.
    ... is able to use full 5 dimensional addressing.
    ... has a powerful ARexx interface.
    ... has a powerful OnLine Help.
    ... has a powerful Threads management.
    ... has a powerful NetMail Routing management.
    ... has a powerful support for UUCP gates.
    ... has incredibly powerful Search/Sort/Show functions.
    ... has powerful Quoting routines.
    ... supports multiple character sets.
    ... supports the Nodelist and the Userlist.
    ... uses fast Memory Pools functions.
    ... uses fast asynchronous I/O functions.
    ... is a  MUI  Application !!!!
    ... is fully localized ( Kickstart 2.1 or higher).
    ... is Faaaaaaaast.  Up to 3 times faster than Spot or EMS.
    ... is easy to configure.
    ... has many many other features !


    - Added some new features and additions, and others are enhanced.
    - Several minor bug fixes.


    Mail Manager has only a few requirements to work properly:

    - Kickstart 2.04 or higher
    - MUI 2.0 or higher
    - a 68020 processor or faster is recommended


    Any Aminet site, such as or in the
    pub/aminet/comm/fido directory:      (564566)
                                             mm_1_2-030.lha  (563508)
                                             mm_1_2-rexx.lha (732199)

    And with these archive-names:

       MM_1_2.LHA        Main Archive for 68000 processors
       MM_1_2-030.LHA    Main Archive for 680x0 processors
       MM_1_2-REXX.LHA   Collection of many useful ARexx scripts

    on the following BBS'es:

    Italy           MAUI for Amiga          2:335/602.0@fidonet
                    Glass Globe             2:332/118.0@fidonet
                    Double Impact           2:335/202.0@fidonet
                    ][IB!_LINK             2:335/703.0@fidonet
                    Amiga & Technology      2:334/21.0@fidonet
                    ToTaLLy_WiReD           2:333/714.0@fidonet
                    UNIVISION               2:333/707.0@fidonet
                    Eclipse                 2:332/113.0@fidonet

    Germany         Firebrigade             2:2448/7022.0@fidonet
                    Professional Amiga      2:2490/1015.0@fidonet
                    Lonely Platform         2:2437/901.0@fidonet
                    Amiga's Choice          2:2455/160.0@fidonet
                    NEC-BBS                 2:2490/3225.0@fidonet

    United Kingdom  Creations               2:254/205.0@fidonet

    Spain           Amiga-Penedes           2:343/119.0@fidonet

    Denmark         Amiga Aarhus            2:238/24.0@fidonet
                    Nemesis Amy             2:238/43.0@fidonet

    Poland          DiXiE                   2:484/22.0@fidonet

    Russia          NEW ORDER               2:5030/221.0@fidonet

    Australia       Crazy Diamond           3:633/359.0@fidonet



    The registration fee for Mail Manager is:

                         Point Only           Full Node
                      -----------------   ------------------
          Itl Lire      50000 (35000)       100000 (85000)
          DM               50    (35)          100    (85)
          US $             35    (25)           70    (60)
          UK #             23    (15)           46    (38)

    The registration fee for Mail Manager together with MUI is:

                         Point Only           Full Node
                      -----------------   ------------------
          Itl Lire      78000 (63000)       128000 (113000)
          DM               73    (58)          123    (108)
          US $             52    (42)           87     (77)
          UK #             34    (26)           57     (49)

    The fee between brackets is reserved only to Registered Users of
    Point Manager (the "predecessor" of Mail Manager) v3.10 and higher.


    Freely distributable via CD, disk, FTP, or any other form (if NO
    charge is asked for, except for the media) when the original
    distribution archive(s) are kept intact.