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Following a staggering level of interest from American, Canadian and South
American customers, we are now pleased to announce that the multi award
winning range of "Phase" CDs from E.M.Computergraphic are now available
directly from our newly appointed US distributors...  Computer Safari.

Computer Safari will be handling ALL American based sales and distribution
of the EMC CDs, and also controlling the new EMC web site at...


Computer Safari have set the US retail price for the EMC CDs as follows...

           EMC Phase 1... $39.99 + shipping   (for DTP/DTV)
           EMC Phase 2... $39.99 + shipping   (for DTP/DTV)
           EMC Phase 3... $39.99 + shipping   (for DTP/DTV)
           EMC Phase 4... $59.99 + shipping   (for ScalaMM/DTV)
           EMC Index...   $24.99 + shipping   (time saving/utility)

Computer Safari accept all major credit cards and can arrange cash on
delivery (US only) if required.

You can contact Computer Safari at...

        Suite K,                     Tel:   916 661 3328
        353 West Main Street,        Fax:   916 666 1813
        Woodland.                    Email:
        CA 95695


For full EMC CD information you can FTP to your local Aminet site and download


for our custom Amigaguide file containing full details of our CDs including...

1. Complete contents listings for each CD.
2. Full ordering details, prices and contact addresses.
3. Details of the magazine reviews that each CD has received.
4. Details of the customer feedback that each CD has received.
5. Details of our other CDs along with details of our next CD releases.