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                           News & Press Releases

VIScorp Values the Amiga   An open letter from VIScorp

  Escom Finalizes Sale     The Escom chapter, almost closed

   VIScorp and Emerson     Electronics giant to distribute UITI

     EMC 'Phase' CDs       The Phase series of useful tools

  Greek Amiga Computing    Greece gets a translated AC magazine

      Instant CGFX         A call-for-participation paper

      F1 Shareware         F1 explains their shareware model

AmiTrix Price Reductions   Amiga-Link and SCSI-TV get cheaper

        MRBackup           Sold to IAM

    Amiga Translators      A new group for universal understanding

    Amiga CDROM Guide      A catalog of CDs and reviews

   Amiga CDROM Survey      Speak your mind on CD-ROMs

      EnPrint 2.1          Upgrade your printer drivers

    Mail Manager 1.2       FIDOnet interface package

        sort 1.5           Sort your ASCII files

       RevUp 1.5           Manage version strings

   BattleDuel V1.4.80      Artillery Duel revisited

     MapRZ2_EVD 1.1        Optimize Retina Z2 ShapeShifting

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