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     PC <-> Amiga 'network' filesystem


     Version 3.8


     Michal Kara
     Krosenska 543
     Praha 8 - Troja
     181 00



     Have you ever transfered something between Amiga and PC?  You have
three ways how to do it:

     1) "floppy net" - copy file to a DD disk in the MS-DOS format and read
     it by the Amiga

     2) Use TWIN or EasyLink.  But it has a big disadvantage - it can
     transfer file, but it does not allow applications on Amiga to directly
     access PC's drives - it's not a filesystem.

     3) Use terminal programs and ZMODEM (or another) file transfer
     protocol.  Disadvantage?  As above.

     4) Use AmiTCP.  But you should have some knowledge about TCP/IP
     networking to install it.

     So I decided to write my own filesystem with the feature of remote
access to files on PC from your Amiga.

     How it works?  You just run program on PC, then 'mount PC:' on Amiga
and you can see directories like 'c', 'a', etc.  in the 'PC:' device.

     This program uses the master-slave technique (Yes, PC is the slave
:-).  Transfers are fully independent (it is called the non-context
protocol), so if you write "type pc:c/LongFile.txt" and after some time
reset PC and run the PC part again, the text will continue scrolling.


   Since version 3.4

     - Bidirectional parallel support (at least 40 KB/s from PC to AM and
     26 KB from AM to PC).

     - Windows 95's extended filename support.

   Since version 3.2

     - Parallel support - bigger transfer rates (over 18 KB/s from AM to PC
     and about 11 KB/s from PC to AM with A500 and 386SX.  It grows up with
     computer speed.  It is about 35 KB/s and 20KB/s for accelerated A1200
     and 486DX-2)

   Since version 2.4

     - The main fix is that in finally works with all IRQs from 2 to 7 and
     not just IRQ 4.

     - Program made commodity

     - Debugging version now available to public, written, written PC2AmAna.

     - Configuration may be done via configuration programs (no changing of
     files in a text editor).

     - Some improvements in serial routines.  Now you can use 57600 (about
       4.5 KB/s) with A500 and 386SX/40MHz.

     - A brand new icon set

     - Some other bugs fixed


     - Kickstart 2.0+, MS-DOS 6.0+

     - Nullmodem cable or LapLink cable (called parallel nullmodem) (not
       included in the package - just its schemes :-)

     - igs.library (included in the package)

     - Commodore Installer.  Not included in the package, but I think
       you have it.  (I don't want to include another 100KB of code that
       almost anyone already has.)


     Program is available on any Aminet site as file PC2Am308.lha in the
     comm/misc directory.


     Program is freeware.  But if you really like it, you can send me a
     gift or leave a message.


     Free as long as the package is not sold for a profit and you notified
me that you have included the PD archive / coverdisk.