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                The AMIGA Locale Homepage

The aim of this page is to create a center for translations and 
translators. First of all you will find information about what
programs are available in a specific language. As of the 22 May,
Norsk and Greek are available, but more is being made. This 
still means that I need someone to take care of these languages:
Dansk, Deutsch, Frangais, Italiano, Espaqol, Nederlands, polski,
Portugujs, Suomi, Svenska and maybe even more that I can't think
of. If you think you can help with one of the languages, contact
me at the email mentioned later.

Futhermore, I want to create a network of translators, to help 
programmers get their programs translated. If you can translate
programs which support locale into a language, please contact me,
or look on the web-page for more information.

For comments, suggestions or flames, contact:

Email: (Anders Bakkevold)