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Subject: Aminet is world's largest archive - contest

                Aminet message of the day - special issue


According to the statistics at, the 29000 files found in
Aminet now represent the world's largest collection of freely distributable
software for any computer system.  This is an incredible achievement by
everyone involved, but especially the authors of all the software found
here.  We all owe them a big thank you.

At the same time, Aminet shows the fastest natural growth ever with 427
files uploaded just last week.  And its size just crossed five gigabytes,
which is almost twice the size it was one year ago.  If you would like more
info on what has been going on lately, read docs/misc/30000.txt

                CONTEST - 60 CDs AND ONE DRIVE TO BE WON

To celebrate this event, we have decided to run another contest.  To take
part, estimate the number of files that were on Aminet one year ago, on
16-May-95, and send your answer, just the number, in the body of a mail to (you should get a confirmation mail).  The ten
people who get the closest win a one year Aminet CD subscription, and the
best guess in addition wins a quadspeed CDROM drive to go with it.  Only
one vote per person.  Good luck!

 Urban D. Mueller -