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                             Spherical Worlds
                                 A Game by
                      Published by NEO Software GmbH.

Features:       - 15 tricky levels.
                - a lot of bonus-levels.
                - many different extra weapons
                - rendered animations will guarantee the atmosphere
                - fast and smooth scrolling in all directions.
                - harddisk installable.

Genre:          - Shoot'em up.
Runable:        - all Amigas with min. 1MB RAM.
Available for:  - all Amigas with 1MB.
                - Amiga CD-ROM.
Available from: - April 1996.

         Meet us in the World Wide Web:

             Playable demo available on Aminet (check below).

                             SHORT DESCRIPTION

Game has top-view.  As it has all of the movement smooth (not just
scrolling) it gives great feeling of speed, and playability.  Additionaly,
enemies have various intelligence, from slow and stupid to fast with

However, you have enough fire power to deal with them.  Many weapons you
use are fully different one from each other.  And there are also few
extras, like guided missiles and nukes.  Special weapon screen with
rendered rotating weapon images is used for fitting mentioned equipment and

Sounds follow the game and have great influence on raising game level of

Movie-like intro, lasts few minutes.  Full screen animation is played in
HAM mode (4096 colours on screen) with background music.  Ending sequence
will reward best players.  There are also animated scenes beetwen

                              EXTRA FEATURES

You  are  expected  with  few  extras  like  ingame  rendered pictures, and
animations, and bonus levels.  3D full screen motion level with moving
perspective and deadly walls comming towards your ship-carrier really has
to be seen in motion.

All of that is better to see than to talk about, and better to look in
motion than to look at static pictures, so check free demo on Aminet...


Spherical Worlds - playable demo also available on any Aminet FTP site and
Aminet CD (as soon as it is released)

pub/aminet/game/demo or aminet/game/demo (depending of FTP site)

Game file is named:

For example: