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AmiTrix                      PRESS RELEASE                    June 3, 1996

       Announcing AWeb-II, the Amiga Web Browser & HTML Generator!

AmiTrix Development is pleased to announce the first commercial release of
the popular WWW Browser "AWeb" by Yvon Rozijn, along with the first
commercial release of the "HTML-Heaven" suite of code generating tools by
Paul Kolenbrander.  Both programs will be bundled together with additional
tools in the new AWeb-II package to be published & distributed by AmiTrix.

AWeb-II will include the following:

- AWeb v2.0, now with support for background images, localization, icons,
  hierarchical hotlist, background/text/link colours, image borders, 
  centering, enhanced lists, user-configurable ARexx menu, more ARexx 
  commands, limited frame support, history window, external default images,
  plug-in support for mail/FTP/telnet/news, automatic TCP stack start/stop,
  and other new HTML 3.2 tags, with more to come.

- HTML-Heaven v2.0, with new ToolChest and Charrie programs, added support
  for HTML 3.2 tags, HTML tutorial, and WYSIWYG editing using AWeb with 
  almost any  ARexx compatible text editor.  Create your own Web Pages and
  documents with ease by simple point & click insertion of tags from the
  tool lists, and now Charrie adds HTML entities as well. More new features
  are under development.

- AWebMail & AWebFTP ARexx plug-ins by Josef Faulkner.

- FTPMount v0.8 FTP filesystem plug-in by Evan Scott.

- HTTX, an HTML to text conversion program by Gabriele Favrin.

- A free upgrade will be provided to registered purchasers of AWeb-II once
  the addition of table support and further HTML 3.2 features have been 

The authors wish to assure the existing registered users of the shareware
versions of AWeb v1.x and HTML-Heaven v1.x that they will be able to upgrade
to the new version.

AmiTrix is proud to have been selected as the exclusive distributor for
AWeb and HTML-Heaven!  Along with AWeb-II, SCSI-TV, SCSI-TV570, AmigaLink,
and other new products to be released in the coming months, we look forward
to the continued revival of the Amiga.

A new demo version of AWeb v1.2 has now been uploaded to AmiNet for you to
try out, some of the advanced features are not enabled in it, of course.

AWeb-II requires at least 2MB Ram, Workbench/Kickstart 3.0 or better, a
TCP/IP stack to access the WWW, and appropriate GIF/JPEG datatypes.

Scheduled release date for AWeb-II is July 1/96, MSRP will be $45.00 US.

Dealer and Customer inquiries welcomed, for more information or ordering 
AmiTrix products, contact us at:

AmiTrix Development,
5312 - 47 Street,
Beaumont, Alberta, T4X 1H9
Phone or Fax: 1+ 403-929-8459

(Please leave your mailing address, phone/fax number, and/or email)
(address on phone messages when requesting information.)

You may also contact us via email at the addresses shown below.


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