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ImageFX Online Summer Special

For Immediate Release

Contact:        Bob Fisher
                Nova Design, Inc.
                1910 Byrd Avenue, Suite 214
                Richmond, VA 23230  USA
                804-282-3768 Fax

Richmond, VA - Tuesday, May 28, 1996.  Nova Design, Inc.  announced that
beginning immediately they are offering a summer special on in stock copies
of ImageFX 2.1a, the previous release of ImageFX.  This limited time offer
is being made directly to th e online community via Compuserve and the
Internet while supplies last.

Step Up To ImageFX!

Have you always wanted realtime interactive previews?  Advanced 24-bit
painting tools?  Complete, real, Toaster/Flyer support?  Regionalized image
processing and special effects?  Complete image format conversion tools?  
Multiple UNDO features?  Batch processing?  Virtual Memory?  Full color,
15/16/24-bit, displays?  Blue/Green Screen compositing?  Morphing?  Lens
Flares?  All these features, and hundreds more, are in ImageFX.

Unprecedented Bargain

This summer special is a unique once-in-a-blue-moon opportunity.  It offers
a discount never before made to the Amiga public that cannot be matched.  
Video Toaster User magazine says, "You must have this program.  Period."
Amazing Computing called ImageFX, "Photoshop/Fractal Painter for the
Amiga".   Computer Video put it more simply when they said, "Holy cow!".

Limited Time Offer

The summer special ends on June 30, 1996 or when the current stock of
ImageFX 2.1a is depleted.  Absolutely no upgrade orders will be taken after
that date.

Special Pricing

The summer special on ImageFX 2.1a is priced at only $169.95 plus shipping
and handling charges of $5.00 US - $7.00 elsewhere.  To order call us at
1-800-IMAGE-69 in the US and Canada, or (804) 282-1157 elsewhere, to place
your order at extension 20 6.  You can also order via email at: - anytime day or night!

Take advantage of our instant upgrade to ImageFX 2.6 as well!  For only an
additional $34.95 you can immediately upgrade to the newest ImageFX release
as well!

ImageFX is a trademark of Nova Design, Inc.  All other trademarks are held
by their respective owners.  See us on-line at