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Intangible Assets Manufacturing Announces DiskSalv 4

Drexel Hill, PA (May, 1996) Intangible Assets Manufacturing announced the
release of DiskSalv 4, the end result of an internal overhaul of the
program by the author, Dave Haynie.

While few external features have been changed, it has been reworked to fix
even more disk problems and to more easily support more filesystems.   The
utility still supports disk recovery for hard, floppy, and removable media.
Other highlights of the program remain such as salvage, undelete, repair,
unformat, check, and cleanup.  Freely redistributable patch updates for
DiskSalv 4 will be available in the future, as there was for version 3.
(In fact, patch 1 is already available for anonymous FTP from

DiskSalv4 is priced at US$40, and upgrades from DiskSalv3 are available for
$10 plus shipping and handling.


Intangible Assets Manufacturing announces a second printing of
Connect Your Amiga!
A Guide to the Internet, LANs, BBSs, and Online Services

Drexel Hill, PA (May 24, 1996) Intangible Assets Manufacturing announces
the second printing of its best selling book, Connect Your Amiga!  A Guide
to the Internet, LANs, BBSs, and Online Services, by Dale L.  Larson.

The book is revised and updated to include more about the World Wide Web
and how to get access to the Internet from the Amiga.  It also provides
coverage of using the Amiga to access BBS systems and other online
services.  For owners of more than one computer, the book explains how
Amigas can share files and printers with each other on a network, and how
Amigas can connect to PCs, Macs and other computers on a network.

The author is an expert on the Amiga and on computer networking.  Mr.  
Larson was a Software Engineer in Commodore's Amiga Networking Group.  He
worked on AS225 and is one of the principal authors of both the SANA-II
Network Device Driver Specification and the original Amiga Envoy
specification documents.

Despite rising printing costs, IAM kept the list price of the book to
$24.95.  For users who face the chicken-and-egg problem of not being able
to get the software to get started with communications, networks and the
Internet, IAM also offers an eight-disk set of freely redistributable
software.  That set is available seperately for US$27, or with the book for
a package price of only $49.95.  All prices are exclusive of shipping and

The revised book is already at the printer, and IAM will begin shipping to
customers the week of June 10.  We are accepting advance orders now.

[Note, the book did, in fact, start shipping to customers on Monday, June


Intangible Assets Manufacturing
New North American distributor of DICE

Drexel Hill, PA (May 24, 1996) Obvious Implementations Corporation has
appointed IAM as new North American distributor of both the popular C
compiler, DICE, and the remaining Deathbed Vigil T-shirts.

DICE version 3.2 is the complete, integrated development environment that
comes with a full C language compiler for the Amiga.  Its 450 page manual
has examples and tutorials making this the fastest and easiest way to get
started with programming.  It is available for $100 or for $75 to students
or owners of other programming development packages.

The Deathbed Vigil T-shirt features the eject button on the front and
signatures of former Commodore engineers on the back.  Each are 100%
cotton, black, and available for $17 in sizes S-XXXL.

Outside of North America, all orders for these products should go to the
local distributors, not to IAM.

Technical support for DICE is still provided by OIC.  All non-sales
questions should be directed to OIC.

Owners of DICE 3.x can upgrade to 3.2 with the patch available for
anonymous FTP from file://