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FAO     : Existing Amiga Internet users and/or ISP's
Subject : NetConnect CD-Rom
Date    : 15/05/96 

We Need Your Help!

We are in the advanced stages of compiling an "all you need" to get onto
the Internet CD for the Amiga.

This CD will contain licenced software, will be very easy-to-use and will
be aimed at users who:

* Want Internet access but don't know how to get online
* Haven't thought about access but may do after reviews etc
* Have Internet access but cannot get their programs to interact properly

NetConnect will contain a full suite of software including some "extras"
that will present on the CD.

NetConnect will contain two pieces of previously un-announced software that 
will be released at the same time as the CD - and they are looking good!

NetConnect will be available in late June and promotional information will
be released soon!

We need you help to make a CD that is as easy as possible for the new user.

Two areas:

1. ISP information
2. Your Internet experiences

1. ISP Information

Part of the CD will be a simple (but well featured) interface that is
already pre-configured with ISP information. This will allow the user
to select an ISP and not have to worry about netmasks, DNS servers etc

We need some information about your Internet Service Provider's (ISP's)
details. ISP's outside the UK are paramount!

We currently have info for:

UK : Demon, Global, Enterprise, I-Way, NetKonect, FirstNet, NetDirect, 
     Bogomip, UK Online, Zen Internet

Norway : Norconnect

Austria : I-Node

Germany : Lemke & Fuerst, Axis Information Systems, NET Network Team 

Switzerland : Bitcom

The information needed is:

1. Company name (and country)
2. Contact details (i.e. address, telephone number, email address)
3. DNS Server Address (1 & 2)
4. NetMask
5. Mail Server
6. FTP Server (if applicable)
7. WWW Server
8. IRC Server (if applicable)
9. POP3 Server (if applicable)
10. Static or Dynamic Connection (or both?)
11. SLIP or PPP Dialup Supported?
12. MAX. Modem Speed Connection?
13. List of POPs (Place AND Numbers - i.e. Manchester 0161 123 1234)

+ any other useful information

We *may* need your help with beta-testing. If you have an ISP that is not
listed above then we could use you to test the software for that ISP!

Tell us if you are interested in beta-testing.

2. Your Internet Experiences

To make ease-of-use absolutely paramount we want to know what you would
do to make Amiga Internet access easier!

i.e. What could be done about TCP software, PPP, system setups, Amiga
support with ISP's etc. Even if you think that the Amiga needs more
Internet support within Amiga magazines!

Many thanks for your time. If you want any information about NetConnect,
the contents or would like to help us with beta-testing, contact us as
soon as possible.

Our e-mail address can be found below.

All the best,

Chris Wiles
Active Software.

ACTIVE SOFTWARE    |    Tel    - +44 1325 352260
P.O. Box 151,      |    E-Mail - <Chris Wiles>
Darlington,        |    E-Mail - <Active>
County Durham,     |    Contact- Chris Wiles <Managing Director>
DL3 8YT, ENGLAND   |    Hours  - 9.30am - 6pm GMT Monday to Friday