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Newstar/Rightiming Electronics Corporation of New Jersey, USA, has
indicated that it will be building an Amiga-compatible computer for the
Chinese, Taiwanese, and Hong Kong markets.

Dubbed the Amiga 5A00, the machine will be Amiga OS 3.1 based, with a
built-in CD-ROM drive.  The processor will be a standard 68000 CPU.

Few other details are currently available.  The machine will be marketed as
a home/internet computer, and the company is planning to establish its own
Internet service provider to handle Internet for the Chinese market of its

For more information, contact:

Jing Jian Li
Vice Chairman/Vice President

Rightiming Electronics Corporation
20 Lexington Ave
Trenton, NJ 07104

P. (609)882-0306
F. (609)882-7050