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                           News & Press Releases

    ShapeShifter v3.5      Refined Mac emulation

 ImageFX Online Special    Get IFX 2.1 while it's hot!

   IAM's New Products      More DiskSalv, books, and DICE

         Aweb-II           Going commercial soon

 Wolf Dietrich Responds    To Dave Haynie's observations

       Amiga Clone         Going to China, Amiga in hand

    Spherical Worlds       An upcoming game

  Aminet is Really Big     Huge.

  Amiga Locale Homepage    Get translated

 OctaMED Soundstudio V1    The monster CD-ROM

 PC <-> Amiga Filesystem   Cross-platform connection

         Portals           ANGLE's first release coming soon

    wfmhcybergfx_r3d       Real3D Cybergraphics support

    NetConnect CD-Rom      Coming soon, input needed

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