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Field of Battle v.  1.30/1.31 has a bug, which result in 8-bit CyberGFX not
working with old versions of the operating system.

If you start FoB with 8-bit CyberGFX with and old version of the OS,
nothing will be drawn on screen.  After a while, when the normal
arrow-pointer appears, clicking on the screen results in the "No game in
progress" dialog.  If you move the dialog arround, it will leave "trails"
on the screen.

The bug appears if your graphics libraries version isn't version 40.xx or
newer.  Type "version graphics.library" from a shell to examine the version
of your graphics library.

We will release a new demo which fixes the problem, as well as a patch to
the registered version, next week if everything goes as planned.

Lars Moellebjerg
Bevelstone Production I/S