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Nova Design, Inc. Shipping ImageFX 2.6

For Immediate Release

Contact:        Bob Fisher
                Nova Design, Inc.

Richmond, VA - Tuesday, May 07, 1996.  Nova Design, Inc.  announced today
that ImageFX 2.6 has begun shipping to fill all preorders for this exciting
new upgrade.  This upgrade, announced less than a month previously, adds
more features and functionality than can be found in any other Amiga
graphics package!  See the list of features below.

Image Processing and Special Effects Made Easy

ImageFX 2.6 includes a number of technical breakthroughs and enhancements
that allow users to easily create exciting special effects on single images
or sequences using either the improved IMP and AutoFX programs included
with ImageFX.  The new eff ects and functions that have been added allow
quick "load it and do it" access to the basic effect, while providing a
wealth of controls to allow near-infinite customization for the advanced
user.  The new features include:

Complete Newtek Video Toaster/Flyer 4.1 Support.  Now loads and saves
Toaster Framestores and Flyer Clips, and has the ability to framegrab,
render and interactively preview your work directly on the Toaster's
composite output.

Updated CyberGraphX Previewing.  Users of display cards using CyberGraphX
software can now preview in any high color mode with full color realtime
brush painting.  Additionally, CyberGraphX full color displays have been
added to Cinemorph, the Amiga most popular morphing package, and Viewtek,
the popular image and animation viewer.

New Fargo FotoFun Support.  The low-cost Fargo FotoFun printer can now be
driven directly from ImageFX to produce 24-bit accurate color photographic-
like output.

Hewlett-Packard Scanjet IIc/3c/4c Support.  Now all the latest Hewlett-
Packard scanners can be driven by ImageFX on most Amiga SCSI cards.

Newtek Digiview Support.  The Amiga's legacy of excellent hardware is not
forgotten with the addition of support for Newtek's slowscan video
digitizer; Digiview. 

New Wireless Program.  This new program joins the ImageFX suite to provide
sophisticated wire removal capabilities.  You can now remove wires holding
actors or objects suspended in the air so you can make your super heros

Updated Effects.  ImageFX's ever popular Lightning now has multiple bolts
and even more options than ever before.  The Shear, Straw and Composite
functions have been upgraded along with many other improvements throughout.

New Effects.  Many new special effects have been added in this release of
ImageFX.  Animated Bubbles, Fire and Fire Rings, an all new Displace, wild
Sparkles, Liquid image warping, Film Grain, Remove Grain and much more!

Web Site Support

Nova Design has a newly renovated web site on the Internet as well.  A
complete feature list for ImageFX is maintained there along with all press
releases and helpful information.  If you'd like to view the list of
features found in ImageFX, point your web browser to the following URL

Upgrade Price
The upgrade is priced at only $34.95, plus shipping and handling ($5.00 US,
$7.00 elsewhere), to registered owners of ImageFX 2.0 or higher. 

Contact our order lines at 1-800-IMAGE-69 or (804) 282-1157, orders can
also be faxed to (804) 282-3768.  Write us at; Nova Design, Inc., 1910 Byrd
Ave, Suite 214, Richmond, VA 23230

ImageFX, AutoFX, IMP, Cinemorph and Wireless are all trademarks of Nova
Design, Inc.  All other trademarks are held by their respective owners.