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Message to Amiga developers

Recently, a number of Amiga-developers have contacted VIScorp to make
proposals about the future of Amiga.

VIScorp is ready to listen to all suggestions coming from the Amiga
developer community.

In France, an Amiga developer asked if VIScorp would like him to represent
officially the company to the french developer community in order to
centralize their ideas and proposals.

We found this to be an excellent idea for supporting the Amiga and would
actually like to extend this system to all countries where Amiga developers
are active, so that there are VIScorp representatives in each country.

If you would like to represent VIScorp in your country, feel free to
contact David Rosen (, VP, Business Development or Raquel
Velasco (, Director of Sales and Marketing Europe at
following Email address:

Bill Buck
CEO, VIScorp

Gilles Bourdin / Amiga Technologies GmbH
Public Relations
Email to:  URL: HTTP:// FTP: