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From Hans Guijt,

I have recently ported ColEm, the Colecovision Emulator, to the Amiga. 
Unfortunately this operation was not entirely succesful: only one game runs
on ColEm Amiga, all other games refuse to work.

I'd love to debug this source, but:

* I've no real interest in Colecovision emulation.  I never had a
  Colecovision, so I miss that vital emotional bond.

* I cannot spend much time programming my Amiga.  The time I have available
  I would rather use programming fMSX, the MSX emulator.

--- For those reasons I am now offering the source to ColEm    ---
--- Amiga here on the net. If you are interested in continuing ---
--- where I left off please contact me and I'll send you the   ---
--- source.                                                    ---

Some details:

* The source consists of C (SAS, v6.51) and assembly (GenAm, v3.01).  A lot
of attention has been given to speed, and I'm shamed to admit that
readability has suffered.

* Requirements for ColEm Amiga: 68020 or better, v36 OS or better, having
some fastram helps a great deal.

* The source is based on fMSX Amiga.  It contains several MSX features that
are out of place on a Colecovision.

* The relation between ColEm Amiga and ColEm UNIX is almost non-existant.

* The rules set down by the author of the original UNIX version (Marat
Fayzullin) do not allow you to charge money for the finished product.

(In case you are in it for the money: don't bother.  I state in the fMSX
manual that fMSX is free, but financial gratitude is not refused.  The
grant total after over a year of programming: 25 DMark.  I personally don't
care but I know many others feel differently about this.)

* ColEm Amiga looks and feels a great deal like fMSX Amiga.  Download it
from Aminet (misc/emu) to get an idea of what it is like.

* If you find any bugs please tell me, since the same bugs are likely
present in fMSX Amiga.

* You are allowed to spread the finished product under your own name,
although I want to be credited for my part.

* If multiple people request the source I will send it to each of them.

Some people out there may be tempted to request the executable, in the
vague hope of obtaining a Colecovision emulator.  This is futile, since the
only game that runs on it is also available for fMSX Amiga (it is Konami's
Antarctic Adventure, in case you're curious).

People curious about the workings of fMSX Amiga can request that source
too.  It is much more complex than the ColEm Amiga source, though.  If you
feel like writing a Sega Master System emulation or some other Z80 based
emulation this would be a good place to start.

Hope to hear from you soon,